Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chick Fest

Just in case there’s anybody left in the land of blog who hasn’t already seen the movies I watched this evening, this post will take the form of a public service film review by yours truly.

Since my BFF moved home to Melbourne a coBFF Cathuple of years ago, the person that I hang with most is a guy. An old school friend actually. Now he’s great and we have lots of fun but a movie night with him is much more likely to be about war or cars or super heroes or guns (or some combination of the above) than it is about ‘relationships/love/romance/feelings’. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy an action movie as much as the next girl and plus I feel bad forcing him to watch a chick flick as he inevitably falls asleep.

So, anyway, he’s off doing something manly this weekend so it seemed the perfect opportunity to remedy the appalling backlog of girlie movies not yet seen by me. Plus, Rory’s staying at a mates place and the weather is foul so I could fully commit to a triple feature chick flick fest without the guilt associated with blobbing on the coach for about 5 straight hours.

The movies are:

  • Sex and the City
  • Made of Honour
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The order in which to indulge in this rom-com romp gave me pause but I knew pretty much straight off I’d leave Carrie and the girls ‘til last. I’d heard from Jennicki that FSM was great but I’m also a bit of a fan of McDreamy (aka Patrick Dempsey) so that was a toss-up. I decided on FSM then Made of Honour and then SATC.

And so to business…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

  • Good level of male full frontal nudity
  • A couple of real laugh out loud moments
  • Not afraid to take the p*ss out of itself
  • 2.5 stars out of 5

Kristen Bell

Made of Honour

  • Lovely cinematography (New York, Scotland)
  • Sabotage theme has strong echoes of My Best Friends Wedding. Substitute the basketball court scene for the karaoke bar and the bridal shower scene for the rehearsal dinner and it could be Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz
  • Formulaic/predictable but with strong(ish) performances by Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan
  • The psycho blogger was a nice touch
  • 3 stars out of 5

Just in case those of you in the US think I am misspelling the word ‘honour’ in the title, it was released here this way.

Michelle Monaghan

Sex and the City

  • Fabulous wedding gowns (and shoes)(and bags)
  • Nostalgia
  • The inevitable montage of late 80’s wardrobe and music
  • Dramatic bouquet smashing street scene
  • Unexpectedly thoughtful
  • 4 stars out of 5

Cynthia Nixon

…and that dear readers is my two cents worth.


  1. Uh, I was going to read these reviews, but some manly things I need to do, suddenly came up...:-)

  2. I'm so glad you watched FSM (though I wouldn't categorize it as a chick flick, lol)!!!

    I haven't seen Made of Honour but I'll have to check it out on your recommendation.

    I love, love, LOVE the SATC movie. I still cry every time I see the bouquet-smashing scene. That movie was well done.

    If I wasn't across the world I would've joined you for your chick flick fest! :D

  3. I wasn't going to see SATC but now I'm rethinking it!

  4. Jaded - yes there's alwsy some wood to be chopped or mechanical device to be dismantled. It ain't an easy life.

    jennicki - I wish you'd been downunder too, it would have been great to have some company. I reckon romantic-comedies are pretty much always chick flicks even if made by the same guy who made '40 year old Virgin' or 'Talladega Nights'. That's not to say that guys wouldn't get some laughs too.

    Kate - I reckon it's worth seeing for the feel good, happy ending of the whole SATC epic factor. I don't think I'm spoiling anything when I say it's great to see everything work out.

  5. lol Moko - sorry I should have given the title a warning label.

  6. I'm confused, they actually make movies for woman and call them chick flicks? Hmm, I wasn't aware of this. Imagine, a movie where no one gets shot, stabbed, run over by a car or eaten alive?

    Surely you jest, Lou?

    And, you have a BF? I'm crushed. Thank God there's a liquor store just down the street.

  7. Yes they do Tim - shocker ay?

    No BF for me Tim - swingin' single I am, he's a mate who happens to be a guy. Actually we went out a couple of times when we were in school but he's more like my bro than anything else.

  8. Oops, I'm afraid it's a bit too late for me now, Lou.

    One, I'm already drunk.

    Two, when I went to the liquor store they asked me what the occasion was? I told them I was broken hearted, that I just found out that Lou had a partner.

    Three, now the whole neighborhood thinks I'm gay.


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