Wednesday, March 4, 2009

News from down under

School Stabbing

NZ’s first ever stabbing of a teacher at school happened yesterday. See NZ Herald article. The teacher was writing on the whiteboard when a 17 year old student stabbed him in the back a couple of tiAustralia & New Zealandmes and then took off.

The teacher is going to be OK and the kid was picked up shortly after by cops.

Very strange behaviour…


 Victorian Fires

I see in The Melbourne Age that 1 of the last 4 still burning complex fires has finally been brought under control. The other 3 are close to containment too thank goodness.

My friend has only just returned to her place. The Daylesford fire got within 8km’s of her place and it freaked her out so bad, she had to really psych herself into going back. She won’t be unpacking the car for weeks yet I imagine until the threat is completely gone.

Let’s hope for all Victorian’s sakes, there’s nothing too serious left to contend with for the rest of the fire season.


On a different note entirely…LostIn NZ we’re a couple of weeks into season 5 of Lost right now and I’m through with it. Totally. I hung in there as long as it was humanly possible but I won’t be watching even one more episode. It’s completely done my head in.

It’s over, sad but true.


  1. Lou-

    A. School violence is a nearly every day common occurrence here in the States, sad but true. Sorry to hear that it has spread to your beautiful slice of paradise. I wonder if they'll blame video games or bad parenting?

    B. Aussie fires have been just horrible. I really feel for those folks. I hope your friend can relax and settle back in at home.

    C. Lost is just one more of those super popular TV shows that I have never once watched. You could probably name me the most popular 15 TV shows over the past 10 or 15 years and I'll be that I wouldn't have seen any of them. All I watch on the main networks is sporting events and occasionally the news.

    Great post, road rash! :)

  2. a. Is it any wonder I have Wonder Kid in karate lessons? And as soon as she is old enough she will be learning a few other things her mama and papa know.

    b. You just pray each day for all of them. Religous person or not.

    c. I think the only popular (?) show I like to watch is House. But House does have a hell of a sense of humour. Dark as night and dry as a desert. Love it.

  3. DD- You and I would get along at a party then because my sense of humor is as dry as the Gobi Desert. However, I balance it with a ridiculously silly side.

  4. I love Lost.
    But I have loved it since episode one, and have scarcely miss it once.
    I love this season because they're starting to answer a few questions, and the writer/producers wear they'll answer all before it ends!!

    I'm a Lostie!

  5. I've only seen 1, 2 & 3. I'm waiting for Lost 4 to come on normal TV. They never seem to repeat Lost, but they do all the other popular USA dramas. No fair.

  6. Tim:
    Hmm, silly sense of humour. You right, I see nothing wrong at all in doing the evening meal wearing a tiara.


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