Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Beef of the Sea

No time for a proper post again today. Instead another really good ad made for a challenge on The Gruen Transfer, a very clever and hilarious Australian TV show on advertising. 

The marketing brief was to create an ad to sell whale meat for human consumption. Enjoy a laugh.

Check out more of their videos on YouTube – funny, funny. By the way it was sas that recommended I check out The Gruen Transfer.


Final poll votes please! 



  1. Well, we already have Chicken of the Sea, so, really, is Beef of the Sea such a stretch?

    Funny vid.

  2. Har har. That was a whale of a commercial (somebody had to say it).

  3. lol Hey, have you seen the invade NZ one?. Hilarious.

  4. I like the improper posts. Beef of the sea? New findings again support that beef of the usual variety is not good for our health. We really need to rethink our eating habits. I still eat a limited quantity of once living flesh, but have been moving away from it for various reasons, much of the reasons having to do with non violence to any creatures.

  5. Bob I agree and yes J it did have to be said. Yeah I have seen them Moko, nearly pissed myself. Actually I posted that ad about a week back (called Brotherly Love). Wow jclouds, a comment? It's good to read ya here. How's Buster? lol Kate, I almost agree.

    Go the Warriors!!

  6. And don't you just think dolphin sushi would be really really tasty. And panda burgers. Mmmm panda...



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