Monday, March 2, 2009

What Utensil Are You?

Thanks to Squirrel Tooth Alice for sharing the quiz that can be found at What Utensil Are You

I never seem to get the results I am hoping for with these things and sure enough – wouldn't you know it? I am a knife!

Why couldn't I be something peaceful like a spoon? Or exotic like chopsticks? Or fun like tongs? OK I’m getting carried away here but still – a knife?

How freakin’ romantic!

I am seriously thinking that it’s time to give up hoping I’ll be thought of as a girly girl – I’ll always be opinionated, tough and no nonsense.

There’s just no fighting it…


You are a Knife

You are precise, determined, and detail oriented. You mean what you say, and you say what you mean. You enjoy taking risks and living on the edge. You are a controversial person. Your opinions tend to be divisive.


  1. I'm a fork: You are truthful, direct, and straight forward. People find your honesty to be a bit piercing at times.You are driven and wildly ambitious.You know what you want, and you take the most direct path to getting it.

    I liked the idea of tongs better, myself!

  2. I am a knife as well. I was so hoping to be a spork, too!

  3. Chopsticks. Not too exciting.


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