Monday, February 28, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those pesky gays

It all becomes clear....

All the death and destruction occurring in Christchurch right now is actually due to rampant hedonism according to the website which, it's reported, is registered to an address in Utah, USA.

Whoever they are the owner/s of this site sure appear to have some issues with New Zealand culture. Here's a delightful sample  -

"The families of NZ soldiers serving in Afghanistan should be asking, "Is it worth your sons', your husbands', your uncles', and your cousins' lives - to have them risking everything, just because a couple of NZ's top lesbians were blackmailed over their lesbian "threesome" with a butch American lesbian in Washington?" Yeah, that is how NZ's foreign policy was really decided! It wasn't national or strategic interests."

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

News from the shaky isles

It feels surreal that the beautiful city of Christchurch (about 1,300 kilometres south of me) has taken another hammering only five months after the last massive quake. This time the effect is much worse even though this quake was smaller - there's loss of life because it happened at lunchtime on a working day and the epicentre was very close to the city and only 5 kilometres deep. Aftershocks are happening every few minutes, some of them quite significant so more damage is occurring all the time. It must be terrifying; I have experienced earthquakes but nothing like this.

Please spare a thought for the rescue effort that is ongoing.

I posted a while back when I was visiting Christchurch, see here for a photo of the central city Anglican cathedral as it looked then. See link here for a current view or here for today's shots of around the city centre.

The power of nature is mind boggling.