Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I’ve lost my voice

Figuratively that is.

I’ve been sick and was finally discharged from hospital on Saturday afternoon after more than a week. I’m still off work for another few days but I must be feeling much better because I was getting excruciatingly bored by yesterday.  To break the monotony I’ve come to hang out with a friend in Christchurch for a couple of days. Christchurch is a couple of hours flight south of Auckland (latitude 43°S).

My hotel is right in the middle of town and23 June 2009_3 my room looks down on the square, the sculpture and the cathedral as below. If I remember rightly the sculpture lights up and looks quite cool at night so I’ll try and get another shot of it after we get home from dinner. 

Since I got home from hospital, I’m finding myself with a crisis of confidence - I haven’t been able to think of anything worthwhile to post about. Everything I write seems so banal. I’m hoping that a bit of a break from Auckland town might nudge me from my malaise.

Thanks to you all for your well wishes over the last couple of weeks. Every single message was truly appreciated – thanks heaps. I have a lot of reading to do over the next while to catch up on what I’ve missed, but not tonight – I’m off for a quick Thai meal before an early night as the flight etc has taken it out of me. I must admit to still feeling a bit fragile.

Good night from the deep (and freakin’ freezing) south of New Zealand.


  1. Welcome back Lou. Go easy on yourself...from the freakin' torrid tropics of Nebraska.

  2. Glad you're back Lou! Hope you're better asap!

  3. Lou - so pleased to see you feeling better. I have been in Christchurch in July so I know of what you say about the freezing weather.


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