Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Great Food Robbery

Interesting story on Campbell Live here tonight for any Australian readers. 

Sounds like you guys are getting totally ripped off on food prices. We’re somehow paying significantly less here in NZ for your Australian products and this is despite our extra 12.5% GST which is payable on all goods.

Click on the todaytonight logo for the full story from Craig Kelly of the Southern Sydney Retailers Association. Sorry I can’t find the actual video anywhere online to link to.


Prepare to be plenty pissed off.


 23 June_2009_7


As promised earlier here is a photo of Cathedral Square, Christchurch at night with the lights on.

Awww pretty.




After saying I was struggling earlier, here’s my second post of the evening… I’m making quite a liar of myself.


  1. Firts off, glad you're back and hopefully feeling better. I've missed my daily Quiet Life.
    Secondly, that cathedral picture is bee-yoo-tee-full.

  2. You will find your voice again. It just may be a different voice.
    Sounds like you still need some rest.
    So glad you are okay and glad to have you back in any form.

  3. 12.5% GST?! Holy crap! We pay 5%, down from 7% a few years ago.

  4. Welcome back, Lou. I missed you, so glad you're feeling better.

    Food prices have gone up here. How much, I can't say exactly, but I know I'm paying more at the grocery store. Typically about, $240 - $275 per week now.

    Of course, fuel prices are everything. When gas goes up in price everything else follows.

  5. Food is to expensive wherever you go. Over here in Europe they keep it artificially high to help the farmers! but what about us the consumers!


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