Sunday, June 7, 2009

All grown up (almost)

My son went through a rite of passage last night at his first senior school ball. A fabulous time was had by all and he’s even more in ‘serious like’ with the sweet Rhiannon. 062

It takes my breath away to think that next week Rory will be 16 and he has only 18 months left of high school before he starts university in 2011. He’s decided he wants to teach; senior level history, geography and biology so he’s planning to complete two degrees in arts and science. Teaching will never make him rich but I am very happy he’s found his passion. He has the perfect attitude for it, he’s caring, calm, patient and tolerant and importantly I believe, he laughs easily.

As jadedj said poignantly in his post of yesterday, there’s a sadness to it. My baby boy is nearly all grown up and not needing me in the same way he has done for the last 16 years.

Bitter sweet. But of course I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. What a handsome couple. They both look great. As long as he is doing what he wants, he'll have his heart in it, and will excel at it. It's hard watching our children grow up, but they'll always be our kids, right? lol. You deserve to be very proud of him! Hugs.

  2. A fine looking lad Lou. You are absolutely right to let him find himself, no matter what that self may be.

    And as an aside, I love that name Rhiannon.

  3. Great pic, good looking kids.

    Maybe it's just me or the fact that my kids are in their 20's, but when my daughter recently moved out I was happy because I knew it was time for her to leave the nest. In fact, I was relieved to see her go.

    Of course, Rory is only 16 and you're experiencing these feelings for the first time, so it's bound to be tough on you. Amber is 23 and in her 6th year of university or college as we say here in the States. I've felt everything you're feeling now before and it's a non-event for me at this stage.

    Not sayin' you'll feel like me someday, just sayin' someday it won't bother you quite so much.

  4. As you probably already know, my daughter goes off to Boston University - 800 mlies away! - in August. But I wouldn't roll back the hands of time, either!

  5. Hey, when my daughter started getting pissy with me, acting all know-it-all and high & mighty I knew it was time for her to be an Alpha-Female and get her own place.

    It was her own idea to move out and I did try to talk her out of it because she was giving up free room and board, and everything else that comes with living at home. But, was I sad to see her go? No way.

  6. Xanadu: You're right - he'll always be my baby

    jadadj: I like it too. Pretty.

    Tim: I certainly hope I get more accustomed to the idea but I'm sure I will too.

    sas: Busted. You're right.

  7. Intellwench: That must be so hard. Rory will be going away too and I worry about missing him.

    Kate; They do eh? They had an awesome night.

  8. Well this is why we teach them "almost" everything we know. So they will go out into the world as brilliantly as we did. We were brilliant weren't we??? Well?

  9. lol Lori. I know I was :-)

  10. Lou... a very good friend say this to me a long, long, loooooong time ago, in a not so far away place. "your children will leave you, just as you left your parents. Now you might be able to understand your parents" Turns out he was right.

  11. A handsome young man! He looks exactly as you describe - someone who is affable and engaging and approachable.

    Obviously a testament to an excellent upbringing!

  12. Doing what makes you happy is much better than doing something to make you rich.

    A friend of mine took a $10-20,000 pay cut to do something she enjoys and says she'd never go back.

  13. Punch: Too true. I'm getting a greater appreciation every day.

    DuPree: Cheers though I won't count my chickens just yet.

    k: Totally agree. I just want him to be satisfied and happy that what he's doing is worthwhile.


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