Monday, June 8, 2009


I wore a brand new charcoal grey fine wool suit to work today for the first time. I matched it with the beautiful black pumps I bought in Melbourne a couple of months back and a black silk top. I felt like a million dollars.

I was in the cafeteria making a coffee when a good friend and colleague came in. We chatted and she noticed my new suit. I did a twirl for her and casually asked  “ Ya like it?” 

Big mistake.

“Hmmm dunno – I’m not sure about the colour. Is it wool? It’s not my kind of thing I guess. Too formal. Too tailored.”

I felt deflated.

I know that I asked the question and some no doubt would say that if I didn’t want an honest answer I shouldn’t have asked. But hang on a minute, when did tact become a thing of the past?  It’s not like I was asking her in the shop fitting room before I bought it - I had already shelled out the big bucks. It must have been obvious to her that I felt great wearing it so why would she feel like it was necessary to be so brutal?

whyatt-ugly-baby-cartoonWe all get asked questions every day where a completely honest answer is not the best course of action. 

Isn’t she the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen?

What do you think of my new sofa?

Do you like my new hair cut?

Wasn’t that the best lasagne you’ve ever tasted?

Selective honesty has it’s place  – telling a white lie in response to these types of questions means that no-one gets hurt. There’s almost always something positive we can come up with to save hard feelings.

Do you agree or do you believe there is not any excuse for any degree of dishonesty?


Do you like my new do?



I got e-mailed this today. 



  1. Oh, Sweetie, that was just plain rude of her. I'll bet you not only felt like a million, I'll bet you LOOKED it, too. Cough(picture)cough. lol. Some people just have no tact. Hugs.

  2. That kind of comment usually originates out of jealousy or insecurity.

    If you love what you wear, how your hair is cut, whatever - to hell with what anyone else thinks.

    I'm sure you looked gorgeous!

  3. We're going through a similar thing, Lou, with our new house color.
    A friend said, "What an interesting combination of colors."
    Translation: What the hell were you thinking?

    Another friend said, "I don't get the red."
    Translation: Whgat the hell were you thinking?

    A gay neighbor said, "It's fabulous!"
    Translations: Its' fabulous!

    We like the gay neighbor.
    The gays always "get it."

  4. Lou... Ahhhh the black silk top? What was under it. (cough) How high did it button? (cough) and the pumps, (cough) did you wear silk stocking? (cough)
    I seem to have a cold. If i could just rest my head... ok, ok, ok, i'm going now.
    btw, i'm not gay but you do look fabulous!

  5. I bite my tongue so much I taste blood. I would never be that rude to someone.
    That being said I am opinionated enough (big surprise eh) to say something before you buy, paint, colour or cut.

  6. DuPree said exactly what I was going to. It really sounded like a jealous snipe. Humans can't live with them can't live without them.

  7. I bet your suit looked awesome! I totally love a gray structured suit, very classy. Your co-worker must have been raised by a pack of wolves. Don't listen to her! *hugs*

  8. When you look at me & see my dress sense I am the wrong person to ask about anybody elses look, but, honesty is not always the best answer on life.

  9. Xanadu: I agree - tactless and tasteless.

    DuPree: You're right. I need thicker skin. Who cares what anyone else thinks.

    Bob: the paintjob sounds great - anything that mystifies slightly is just different enough to be interesting.

    Punch: You're bad! Black lacey bra under it and that's all you're getting lol.

    Lori: and fair enough too. Before purchase is the time for honest input if requested.

    Joanne: I'm thinking you're right. Something was said today which confirmed that with me.

  10. Kate: Thanks sweetie :-)the suit IS fabulous - she has no clue!

    Stu: I totally agree - honesty is not always the best policy.

  11. Lou catching up here...don't know how I missed so many of your posts.

    Listen to me...the woman is probably what we call a two-bagger here in the states (ask Punch what that means). Anyway, there is no accounting for taste or intelligence...she fails in both categories.

    OK, I'll tell you. It means you put two bags over the head just in case the first bag bursts.

  12. Charcoal, formal and tailored = very very cool.


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