Saturday, June 6, 2009

Only time would tell

WARNING: Strong language.


If Lisa said it then it must be true. Fuck!

If Rachael really is pregnant then surely David must be the father – they only split up a month ago. Fiona gasped as she took in the seriousness of this. Her and that bitch Rachael pregnant at the same time? To the same guy? Fuckfuckfuck.

The arsehole wanker prick had promised her that he wasn’t shagging Rachael anymore. He said he wasn’t even attracted to her and was just waiting for the best time to give her the flick. That was the only reason she’d let him get that far that night at Lisa’s house 6 weeks ago.

Fuck! This changed everything.

Fiona had been planning on giving him the news on Saturday night after his parents 20th wedding anniversary party. She was sure he’d be pleased. Sure they were young but they weren’t kids, she’d be 18 in a few months and his 18th birthday was only 3 weeks away. He’d already said he wanted a family with her, though admittedly he was talking about after they’d both graduated from university in 4 years.

Fiona was brought back to the present by her cell phone ringing. The caller ID said it was David so she answered trying to sound as normal as possible though her stomach was turning somersaults.

“Hi there how was the camp? I’ve missed you”

David had been on a 7th form biology camp for the last 3 days and Fiona had felt kind of lost without him around. Though they’d only been officially together for a month, she had pined after him for months. Since that first night he eyed her up and down and winked at her at Richard Howells party.

“It’s been great Fi, we had the best time.” David responded. “I need to talk to you though, where are you now? Can I come see you straight away?”

Fiona was worried. What could be so important? Oh my god, had he heard about Rachael? When David arrived at the school library a few minutes later she felt faint when she saw the look on his face. All business. He gave her an awkward kiss on the cheek. Fuck, she thought, he has heard and he’s going to go back to her. Bitch. Fuck. Arsehole. While these thoughts were racing through her mind, she kept a smile plastered on her face. If he thought his life was complicated now, just wait another few minutes buddy – it’s going to get worse. Way worse. They went outside and sat down on a bench in the sun.

He swallowed. “This is hard” he said slowly and somewhat cautiously.

Damn right, she thought, still holding the smile as her brain worked at a million miles an hour. What was the best way to handle this? Should she be sweet and understanding and gently explain the true scope of his predicament or should she let him have it with both barrels and point out that he’d made the decision to be with her and there was no going back now if he didn’t want her daddy to deal with?

“I’ve met someone and I think I’m in love” he began, “Her name is Alison and I want to be with her. I’m sorry but we’re over.” He got up and started to walk away, “Can you bring my iPod and my blue jersey to school tomorrow, I think they’re at your place.” He turned and walked away.

Fiona sat on the bench while the sun completed his journey through the sky. She didn’t cry. The late evening chill finally galvanised her into walking home and into a long and difficult discussion with her parents.

The next afternoon Fiona boarded the 3.00pm bus to Whangarei. It would be easier there living with Aunt Meredith and her cousins. She never wanted to see the prick again. One day she might tell him about his child but she wasn’t even sure of that yet.

Only time would tell.


  1. Okay is this fiction? Did you write it? I think we are being tested here.

  2. Yes is complete fiction. I have a huge stock of short stories I've written over the years.

    Like it? Hate it? I can take it - be honest.

  3. It is a bit too young for me. But the story line is as old as story telling. It is a good opening for a short. Be nice to learn the details about the bitch, the wanker and that cunt, Alison. Most importantly what Fiona does.
    Time does tell, a wise person told me once it takes 20 years to tell a story. He was right in that respect.

  4. Good call Punch, I wrote this just under 20 years ago. I revisited it a few weeks ago and updated it (cell phone, iPod etc) but have been thinking that the kid would be 19 now - might have to have a go at part II at some stage.

    I might post something a bit more contemporary next time and see what you think.

  5. This story leads me to think that there would quickly be a flash forward to when the kid is grown and the mother is remembering the day. Perhaps when she was interviewing the weasel for an important job.

  6. Great story! Continue! You have a talent for writing, Lou. Hugs.

  7. Not a bad idea Lori, Fiona now being David's boss hmm. I'll give it some thought.

    Thanks Xanadu.


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