Thursday, June 4, 2009

Momma always said…

…that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I am determined to start making a better go of breakfast during the week rather than the current situation where Rory gobbles down his cereal standing at the kitchen sink and I grab something, usually unhealthy, when I get a chance later in the day at work. I want to be one of those families where breakfast is a sit down event. 

In my fantasy world, every morning there would Cappuccinobe a clean and pressed plain white Irish linen tablecloth on the table and freshly squeezed chilled pulpy orange juice in tall glasses. Our places would be set with an eclectic but stylish mix of old fashioned pretty crockery and there would be rich dark cappuccino in beautifully glazed cups. Rory and I would sit down and chat for at least 15 minutes about our plans for the upcoming day.

We’d be eating…



  • Monday: A fresh made waffle with locally grown berries and yoghurt. 
  • Tuesday: Light toasted muesli with fresh apricot and peach fruit salad.
  • Wednesday: A buttery croissant with a slice of gruyere cheese and a couple of slices of tomato.
  • Thursday: Kellogg's crunchy nut cornflakes followed by a hot piece of toasted Vogels bread with Marmite.
  • Friday: Half a juicy pink grapefruit followed by a creamy banana and yoghurt smoothie.

Spring Onion and Cherry Tomato Omelette 


  • Monday: A cherry tomato and spring onion omelette.
  • Tuesday: A bowl of porridge with sultanas, cinnamon and a wee sprinkling of brown sugar.
  • Wednesday: A short stack of pancakes with real maple syrup and banana.
  • Thursday: A poached egg on Vogels 12 grain toast with a drop of HP sauce.
  • Friday:  Grilled chicken bacon with a toasted sesame bagel and cream cheese. Vogels_Bread



…or something like that *sigh*

How about you? What’s your idea of the very best week day breakfast options? Feel free to put me to complete shame and share your family’s breakfast routine.


  1. 3 weetbix and skim milk
    a skinny flat white

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  3. Jeez how boring is that A? Skim milk even - where's the flavour? Where's the joy?


  4. the weekly routine, black coffee sunday through friday, if i can't find the sugar.
    two eggs over, with ham and a pancake on Saterday. Saterday is my favorite breakfast.

  5. Yet another creature of habit eh Punch? Am I the only one who likes the idea of variety at breakfast time?

  6. Every Sunday Carlos makes pancakes with some kind of fruit, raspberries, strawberries, apples or bannanas, and we also have fresh fruit, juice--not pulpy00and cafe con leche.
    I look forward to Sunday.
    But we have a good sit-down breakfast every day.

  7. Your ideal of a daily sit-down family breakfast sounds heavenly - and your proposed menu is to die for (although I've never tried marmite, so we'd have to see about that).

    Our problem is that I'm the chef in the family and by the time the other half (who works mostly evenings) hauls himself out of bed, I've had four cups of coffee, a bagel and have been logged on at work for 2 hours.

    On the weekends, however - we blow it out. Summer Saturdays are spent at our local farmer's market, where we simply graze on fresh fruit and baked goodies. Sundays are where I shine. In the colder months it's French toast, pancakes, always an egg dish of some kind and usually bacon or sausage. In warmer months, it's more likely to be something like an egg white omelet served with a spinach salad with diced pears, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts - drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette and accompanied by good champagne. Served on the patio, of course.

  8. Hey any time any of you folks want a breakfast guest, I know a guy who would love to visit. He cleans up after himself, brings interesting converstaion and leaves early sos you can enjoy the morning.

  9. I'm sorta wondering what you have been smoking?
    Sorry. I am a total morning person but gave up on the idyllic breakfast when I was the only one who actually spoke. The groggy faces and grumpy attitudes ruined my mornings. If I want to see those first thing in the morning I go to my coffee group...them I can abuse. Gotta go...6:45 a.m. and time to go abuse...I mean visit with my coffee buddies.
    Oh yeah, bragging rights, Pitt Meadows was the hottest spot in Canada yesterday.

  10. Why do your posts always make me hungry?

    Here, when everyone IS here. It's pretty traditional Southern U.S. Because I am the cook, and I am from the South. So like it or lump it is my attitude. But, they seem to like it. IT is corn grits, eggs over, ham (usually Canadian bacon in lieu of far too expensive ham), tomatoes and OJ (not Simpson). I am already stopped up so we go easy on the bacon.

    Now and again, we have pancakes, or waffles with available fruity things.

    Did I mention lots of coffee for the cook in order to get to the stove?

  11. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. What time do we eat? Hugs.

  12. Bob - a sit down breakfast everyday is what I aspire to. Good for you guys.

    DuPree - french toast ummmm, I didn't even think of that for my fantasy menu. Might have to add that somewhere.

    Lori - lol. I live in hope. Some would say completely misguided hope but one day before I am too decrepid there might even me a man to share a nice breakfast with once in a while :-)

    jadedj - I bet they like it! I certainly would. Mind you the idea of having a man cook for me is so far from reality that I can't even imagine it.

    Xanadu: Breakfast downunder is at 6.45am (GMT + 12)so we can leave for Rory to catch the 7.15 bus to school. Welcome anytime :-)


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