Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jung Typology Test

I have just taken the Jung Typology Test as per Kate's post of yesterday and Tim’s post of the day before.



ISTJ (Introverted sensing Thinking Judging)

TEMPERAMENT – The Guardian

The one word that best describes ISTJ is super-dependable.

Whether at home or at work, ISTJ are extraordinarily persevering and dutiful, particularly when it comes to keeping an eye on the people and products they are responsible for. In their quiet way, ISTJ see to it that rules are followed, laws are respected, and standards are upheld.


Guardian women look for traditions to start or maintain. They are generally suckers for flowers, cards, chocolates, and the like. They are among the most likely to notice and appreciate signs of status unless these signs are flaunted, such as entrance into an exclusive club and being welcomed by name at a trendy restaurant. Men often appreciate Guardian women who like to lavishly pamper their partners.


  1. I am an INFJ. Which stands for....I forget exactly but it was pretty close to me.

  2. INTJ here - we are all a little close aren't we?

  3. Interesting, Lou. So, do you find that your profile is fairly accurate or no?

    The romance section of your post intrigues as well. As I commented on Kate's blog, my testing results didn't include a section on romance. I took my test at a university and the results were printed out for me in a fairly formal document and explained to me by a professional counselor.

    I think I'll do Kate's version of the test and see what kind of results I get now?

  4. Yeah I did the more formal one too years ago and my results were slightly different but I can't remember exactly how. These results are fairly accurate though I think even if it's a far less sophisticated test.

    Welcome chiaroscuro - I agree that there seems to be only degrees of differnce.

  5. That's the same as me. I found a few parts changed over the last few years - they're more subtle than before I was widowed and remarried.


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