Thursday, March 19, 2009

And in first place is Lou

In yesterdays post I facetiously mentioned ‘winning’ when writing about how many McDonalds restaurants there are in New Zealand.

It got me thinking.

I am quite a competitive person. Actually I might as well be clear from the outset – I am extremely competitive. Not about everything though, quite frankly I don’t give a damn if I lose a game of Scrabble. Scrabble

No hang on, again I need to clarify.

I do actually hate losing at Scrabble so let me look for a better example to use. 


I don’t mind losing as part of my country. I’m not unnaturally affected by the All Blacks losing (unless it’s a World Cup or against the Aussi’s, or the English, the French or even the South Africans)  OK, OK… I guess you could say I really hate the All Blacks losing if we’re being that nauseatingly honest.

I’ll try again.

I’m part of a pub quiz team and it’s an environment where I’ve had to learn to accept losing as we’re not good at all. We regularly pick the wrong topic to play our joker and end up screwed. It pisses me off actually and I’m thinking about putting together a new, better team. OK, perhaps that’s not the best example either.

How about that I don’t really lose any sleep over the fact that NZ doesn’t win much sometimes? A couple of measly golds at the Olympics, we’ve only once or twice made it even to the 1st round of the Football World Cup. We barely make a blip in tennis or golf and forget about athletics (except for Valerie Vili and Beatrice Faumuina and their superhuman ability to chuck stuff). I can honestly admit that I don’t care too much about these things.

But seeing as I’m being honest, I guess that’s because I know that we are good at climbing mountains and yachting, at netball and let’s not forget we got our hands on the Rugby League World Cup.

Swings and roundabouts.

World Cup

On Kate's site earlier today I made the point that when you factor in the competitive nature of the average New Zealander, it’s bloody lucky that New Zealand is the first ‘non-atoll type’ country* to greet each new day, every day (and yes, that’s out of the whole wide world!). 

I’m thankful for this as I don’t know where I’d have to be living otherwise. Actually I don’t know how you Aussi’s cope with being forever second.

* Kiribati  is actually 2 hours ahead of New Zealand but who cares right? Right?


  1. I'm first to admit how shockingly competitive I am.

    I made my ex's niece cry playing eye spy. roflmao. true. I wouldn't 'just tell her'. She was like eight.

  2. LOL at Moko!
    I'm competitive against Bill (we play Scrabble and Crib) but otherwise not.

  3. Haha Moko, I can relate. I absolutely hate to lose at anything. If I don't feel I have a reasonable chance of winning something then I won't even throw my hat in the ring. Embarrassing but true.

    Different strokes ay Kate? Thank God there is people like you so people like me and Moko can get more than our fair share of wins :-)

  4. Sad to say, i do not have a competetive bone in my body. I like to play games and such, but if I lose, well, it's okay.
    Is that sanity, or insanity?

  5. I am a Florida State Seminole fan, and I hate losing at (American) football. I used to get into such a depression that I stopped watching all together for 2 seasons.

    Lou says:"Actually I don’t know how you Aussi’s cope with being forever second."

    BWAHAHAHAHA! Uh oh, now you've thrown down the gauntlet!

  6. Haha... I can relate to that. I hate loosing. There are times I would tell the winner with tears in me eyes but a smile on me face "Hey, I let you win, okay. SO, get off your high horse".

    But, I think, now that I still hate loosing and try my level best to be the best I can, I accept losses to a person who deserves it.

    Being competitive in the right manner makes you challenge yourself thereby helping you improvise on your skills. And, it gets harder and harder but you get better and better as well. So, yea, I am competitive for the right reasons here.

  7. They always say second is the first loser! I have an Aussie wife, myself being English and there is always a competitive edge whenever we are doing something, but there are times when coming second means or purpose, I can be a winner as well. So sometimes it is best to lose. Except if it's cricket against the Aussies!

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  10. Bob that's a good question. I feel that competition fosters improvement but then I'm competitive so naturally I would :-)

    Doanli - got no bites at all though from my cuzzies across the ditch?? What's with that?

    Bros - I totally agree

    Mr Stu - the ashes are just a whole 'nother story ay?

    Tim - you sure are competitive mister. Can't say I'd ever imagined you as the "savage, cold-blooded thug" type hmmmmmm interesting :-0

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  12. I get it Tim - thoughts of thuggishness rather than actual thuggishness. Pleased about that :-)


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