Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a wonderful world

I am home with a nasty upset tummy today (I will spare you the gruesome details) and so I have had time to really browse the online papers.  

Minus the dodgy digestive system it would actually be a great way to get through the ‘hump day’ every week.BabyWednesday

What I have come across today has either…

- Amused me…

1) This is begging on a whole new cyber scale. Check out the name of this website developed to help raise money for the homeless.

2) Yummy dummy nuptials. A local Melbourne legend finally ties the knot after years of being on the shelf.

- Shocked me…

3) A 75 year old widow to be lashed for breaking one of Saudi Arabia’s increasingly strict Islamic laws. She asked her 24 year old neighbour (a man) to bring her bread. Popular feeling is apparently that the ultra strict Religious Police are taking things too far so let’s hope a backlash (pun intended) occurs.

4) Texan ‘Fight Club’ for mentally disabled is busted. Employees of a state-run home for the mentally disabled have been suspended for staging fights between residents.

- or just made me wonder

5) An ex-soldier uses gun to ‘impress’ women in a Brisbane nightclub. Taking a loaded gun into a nightclub shoved down his jeans to show off? Me thinks he doesn’t actually understand the average women all that very well.


 Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Lou-

    Great post. As usual, your chosen subject matter always seems to bring something out from deep within me.

    Sometimes, I'm not even sure why?

    Anyway, well done, my friend. Feeling kind of emotionally drained tonight. Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

  2. Forgive me, but I so hate Saudi Arabia. Dirty misogynists.

  3. Islamic law... these people are so wrong!

  4. Number 5 does, on the other hand, demonstrate that it’s pretty easy to work out how the male mind works, at least in the field of romance.

  5. Too right Simon :-) and welcome


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