Monday, March 23, 2009

Only just…

I am still smoke free. Just.

I met two friends after work and we shared a couple of bottles of sauv blanc. It was a lovely sunny autumn evening so we moved outside and by glass number three I was seriously craving a cigarette. Neither of my friends are smokers but a girl at the table behind me was smoking. Lots. Glasses

After an hour of hanging out, I had to leave. There is no way I am going to throw away nine months of nicotine deprived torture and if I had stayed any longer I might have hit the girl up for one.

Speaking of wine, look at these groovy glasses from a site called – check out the site for some cool tips and inspiration for your place.

Have a great Monday

and Tuesday!



  1. I love those glasses. Well done for not giving in, you're doing great. My friend gave up smoking a while ago and that was the worst time for her, a night out in pubs/clubs.

  2. Congrats on the willpower!

    And those glasses are cool; I'm gonna check out the website.

    And I was also thinking, it muct be nice to live in NZ and have all those great sauvignon blancs around.
    I have never better an NZ sauv blanc that I did not love!

  3. Thanks for the link, and I LOVE those wine glasses!!!

  4. Thanks for the support all - I do feel good that I didn't cave.

    Yes Bob we are lucky, I love the fruitier NZ sauv blancs, they're not subtle but that's how we like them :-)

    I'm also not caving in and ordering the glasses! How's that for willpower?

  5. RE you're comment:

    Tell me about it. I shouldn't be excited about a washer and dryer. I'm only 28. That shouldn't be the highlight of my week.

  6. Well done, Lou! One thing you'd probably like about the social scene here where I live is that bars and restaurants are all completely, smoke free.

    I've got some fantastic lead crystal wine glasses, but they're stored because wifey doesn't drink, except on the very rarest of occasions. So, I just use standard glasses for my adult beverages.

  7. Good on you for not giving into the cravings.

  8. I love the glasses, but sadly I can see me trying to have little conversation with the little guys after one too many vinos. lol. Hang in there with the quitting, you are doing a wonderful job.

  9. Yes, yes, yes, that's what did me in on two occasions...the alcohol. Just as you, on my last and successful attempt, I deliberately did not give up the vino and resisted the weed. You can do it.

    No NZ sauvignon blancs here, but headed for a nice Nebraskan Merlot...ok, it's really from California.

  10. Tim yeah everything here in NZ is smoke free too except for outside at bars, cafe's, restaurants etc where the smokers hang. With winter coming I should be safer because I'll stay inside where it's warm :-)

    Thanks Stu and Daze - it must get easier soon??? I can just picture you DD chatting to the little man.

    Jaded enjoy your 'Nebraskan' merlot yummmmmm

    Thanks again to you all for smokefree support - having a crew like you guys really does help.


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