Friday, March 13, 2009

The simple life

Today I wanted to share some good news.

Sometimes we can get mired in the worries of the world and the confusion in our heads and we need to take a deep breath and think about what’s good and kind and gentle in the world.

Smell the roses friends…


Identical twin sisters Beryl Baguley and Matilda Hanlon (nee Wilson)  of Auckland turned 100 yesterday as reported on These two gorgeous women have a very simple philosophy on life and on longevity.

Mrs Hanlon said "I have always eaten simply, lived simply and have never wanted for much...I have always just used soap and water on my face and no fancy products too,"

Neither of the twins have ever been seriously ill nor have they had to undergo any type of surgery. Their advice on surviving a major recession was also simple.

“Don't get a credit card, I've never had one and I don't think people need them,"  said Mrs Hanlon, who has lived in her three-bedroomed Papatoetoe home since 1947.

"My husband bought some carpet for our home on a time-payment basis many years ago but we found it very hard to pay it off so I swore we would never get anything on credit again."

Both women have outlived their husbands and some of their children.  Neither of them have ever been on a plane nor visited the NZ’s South Island.


I think sometimes we can make life so very complicated and I could certainly take a page from their book and no doubt be happier. 

Read the story if you can be bothered – it sure made me feel good. NZ Herald.

Sisters rock!


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  1. Great story, Lou.

    I like living by simple rules. Mine is a simple one:
    Want the things you have, don't have the things you want.

    I wonder if this means I'll live to 100.

  2. I need to simplify my life. It would be so much more fun without all the stuff in it!

  3. That was a great story, Lou. They offer some pretty good advice as well.

    Hope you have a fine day!

  4. Thanks all I thought it was a sweet story that others might enjoy. Can't be that common to have identical twins both live to 100 years old.


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