Friday, March 20, 2009

Brotherly love – yeah right!

I cannot believe I haven’t seen or even heard of this before. I came across it on YouTube quite by accident.  For those who don’t know, the second part of this ad is a spoof of a NZ advertising campaign trying to get Australians to holiday here.

Did this really air on Australian TV?

I’ve been sharing it with some Kiwi friends and no-one I know has ever seen it before. Is very very funny. Love it. There’s no denying that Australians have a great sense of humour and especially so when it involves taking the piss out of Kiwi’s.

That’s all for today folks as I am shattered. I had to commute to Wellington twice this week which makes a 15 hour work day each time on top of the rest of a very stressful and busy week.

Heading to bed now to watch a bit of TV and read a couple of chapters of my book before sleep time.  Totally out of control social life ay? 



  1. yep it aired as a joke on a show about advertising.

    The 42 below ads are great as well - theres a good one about when 42 below first got sold in Oz

  2. Have a look at the Gruen Transfer on YouTube - there are some absolute gems!

    And My Friday night will be much the same as yours Lou - how rock n roll are we? :)

  3. Goodness sas I have just come from your site. Shocking Friday night ay? I feel old today.

  4. Lou, that was so funny! I seem to have always loved the Brit's humor. And now, since I started following JB and talking to so many Aussie's and Kiwi's, I'm learning just how awesome your humor is too.

    Great stuff, thanks for starting my morning off right. With a solid laugh! LOL

  5. That was too funny, although me, being the anti-war person that I am, when they started saying 0% army 0% infantry and so on, I was like, Good!
    Then i realized it was all part of the joke.

  6. Very funny. I'm with Tim on this. I'm a dyed in the wool Brit Humor fan. Didn't realize they exported it down under. Thanks for sharing that.

  7. Australian humour? We live in a place that merrily tries to kill us regularly. Snakes, spiders, crocodiles, stingers, etc. There's the basis of the sense of humour.
    Brotherly love, my two boys would fight like cat and dog, but heaven help anyone who picked on one of them. Their brother would be right in there, and it was very personal. You picked on one you got the two coming at you. I'll never forget seeing the youngest one hanging off the back of another kid, who was so big my boy was really 'hanging' off the back of him, simply because he thought he brother was in trouble.
    Brotherly love? We got it.

  8. Tim what's JB? Very glad you got a laugh.

    Jadedj we're very much sons and daughters of mother England tho' perhaps now one or even twice removed.

    Bob we barely have a military which is what the Aussi's are poking fun at. PS Most of us actually like it that way.

    I agree Daze. My 'yeah right' was facetious :-)

  9. That was funny Lou! Thanks for the laughs! I haven't had enough of those lately at all.


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