Monday, March 30, 2009

Off to never never land (poll results)

Unsurprising really, it appears that bloggers don’t sleep as much as the general population.

Whilst I accept that my poll may not, statistically speaking, stack up with its + or - error margin of 37% and while I also  know that gut reaction is not usually the best fit with statistics, I do in fact, feel  that these results may reflect a valid indication of the sleeping habits of genus homo bloggeris.

Poll results are as follows;

  • 15% of the 19 respondents (3) to my poll say they sleep less than 5 hours a night
  • 47% (9) have between 5 hours and 7 hours each night
  • 26% (5) have around 8 hours and
  • 10% (2) have more than 8 hours every night

My analysis is as follows;

  1. No zombies responded to my poll
  2. Most respondents (62%) sleep less than 8 hours a night*
  3. A minority (36%) sleep 8 hours or more
  4. Non bloggers on average sleep longer than bloggers (see the trusted and reputable Science Buzz site) and therefore it can be said that bloggers are more physically active and therefore fitter – doesn’t sound quite right but we can’t argue with the facts. Stats are always right!
  5. 14 of my so called ‘followers’ didn’t bother voting humph!

*Or is that this group are more likely to respond to polls – perhaps there’s a causal type relationship that I’m not fully considering? Are they voting on polls later into the night and therefore have less sleep time available?  This poll is generating more questions than answers – how frustrating for us scientifically minded folks!

Mr Sandman Mr Sandman

Well that’s that for what it was worth. Thanks for readingSmile. Call by again sometime. Vote next time :-)

 Ps. New poll published today



  1. Crap, forgot to vote...I need at least 7 hours a night. If I go two nights in a row with less than that, I am NOT very fun to be around, unfortunately.

  2. Have actually just realised I forgot to vote as well - d'oh! I am also in the 5-7 hours category but on Sunday nights I always try and get to bed a bit earlier and start the week well rested.

  3. ha, non-bloggers have more time to sleep because they aren't up until 2am reading blogs. I try not to look at blogs after 8, because I will get sucked in and stay up way too late. I went to bed about 10:20 last night, which was a little early for me. Good sleep conclusion.

  4. Those who sleep more than 8 hours a night obviously do not have kids, otherwise their hours would be way down

  5. i missed the poll. :(
    i'd fall in the <5 hours category.

  6. Thanks all - with the late voting additions, the trend towards less sleeping hours for bloggers is becoming stronger and stronger.

    Mr Stu makes a co-relative suggestion that I had'nt considered; those with your kids are sleep affected also - it does seem reasonable to assume that the more young kids you have the longer you need to spend 'escaping' from them on the internet, so I'll buy that one, thanks Stu.

  7. I get 3 to 5 hours a day. Mostly because I'm the designated driver in this house for myself, wifey and son.


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