Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Town

I liked Uamada’s idea of snapping some pictures while out walking to show us what his town’s like.

Being me though, I have opted for the motorised version and after collecting Rory this afternoon, I handed him the camera and instructed to shoot anything that caught his fancy while we drove home. The first couple are shot from the car travelling on the Southern Motorway.

Hover your curser over the picture for a descriptor and you can double click to enlarge as usual…

Electricity substation next to the motorway    New overpass going in at Manukau. Papakura: my town. Main Street, Papakura (red earth in Maori)

Strangers out for a Sunday walk Siblings fighting waiting for their mum in the shop (they were really going for it) Ducks in the park at the end of my streetI hope this gives you an idea of what’s like here in suburban NZ.

I believe it’s much like any other city I’ve been to in other parts of the world though less crowded perhaps and more spread out too – we tend to like our space us kiwi’s.

Papakura is the southern most part of greater Auckland and retains some strongly rural roots – it’s 10 minutes from my place to farm land in almost any direction except north.


  1. Lou, very beautiful area you live in and I expected nothing less. I once had a teacher who was quite the world traveler and I asked him what he thought was the most beautiful country he'd ever been to was?

    His reply was, "New Zealand, without a doubt."

    Your son did a great job with the photos, they were very interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Heh cool. I've got a video coming of my town in the next coupla days. I did it today.

  3. Lovely pics! I should do this, as well. Have a good one, Lou!

  4. Pretty pictures.
    Your son has a good eye.

    Kind of reminds me of Smallville.....only on the other side of the Earth!

  5. I'm loving this. Please do it more often. Looking forward to Moko's video too.

    A bit of American arrogance for you: When I looked at the first photo, my immediate thought was, you had posted it in reverse...of course you didn't. I assumed it was in reverse because we in the U.S. drive on the wrong side of the road...dumb dumb J here. I'm not REALLY that unsophisticated, just a momentary brain fart.

    Tell your son, great shots!

  6. You live in a lovely place, making me remember the other half and I are seriously considering a move away from the city, in a big way.

  7. This summer I'll take some pix of my area during daylight. I'll bet some of you won't be able to tell the difference between Lou's area and my area, except for the cars and which side of the street we drive on. Illinois is extremely green and lush in the summer.

  8. Oh, btw, I took your utensil test. I'm a fork. Wow, there are so many great one-liner jokes in that too. But, I'll behave. :)

  9. We could almost live in the same place - even down to the disk smiths and the half finished bridge
    nice photos - obviously your genetic influence

  10. I am glad that you enjoyed this post. I will definately do more of this I think and 'showcase' NZ to y'all.

    Maybe people shots next time?

  11. Just noticed that the photo with the big sign could double as a Toyota ad. I can count at least 2 corollas and 1 hiace.


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