Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tweet bloody tweet

OK twitter review coming for any of you who are even slower than me at looking at such developments. Please note this post may contain spoilers so continue reading at your own risk. twitter

I have spent the day signing up, creating a profile, finding a couple of people to follow and another couple to follow me. I have linked twitter to my blog, I have figured out how to correspond privately with people I know, how to update publicly and how to get twitter to update my Facebook status at the same time.

Overall it seems kind of cool in a fairly unsophisticated way. Cute design backgrounds etc but I’m just not sure that’s it’s actually something that I need.  Most people who I’d want to update on my doings throughout each day are on Facebook anyway and anyone else doesn’t need to know. In fact no-one needs that much detail surely? Not of my life anyway as nowhere near enough happens.

I have serious reservations if you want to use twitter to hold private back and forth conversations. It’s cumbersome having to link your comment to your addressee every single time. It feels precarious if you know what I mean. Like something could go wrong and my ‘private’ comment could be inadvertently sent to my blog sidebar and to the top of my Facebook wall. It feels slightly uncomfortable.Perhaps that IM type conversation is not really what twitter is meant for? I don’t know. Who does?

I’m not yet sure if  the record of the private conversation(s) will automatically trash when I log off later or whether I’ll need to manually delete as I go, I might have to try and find some info about that somewhere too – lots to learn. Boring. 

I’m not sure I’ve ‘gotten’ the point of twitter but I’ll see if it sticks over the next couple of weeks. If not it’ll be gone.  My life is cluttered enough.twitter_logo


  1. Think I will wait and see how you go with it Lou, I have been wonderinging about it for a while now. I have found just using an IM for the peeps I speak to good enough.

  2. Good post, Lou. Gotta say, I agree with you. I'd actually much rather use an IM program for conversations.

    Jury's out on Twitter for me as well.

  3. I am one of those who is not sure about, Twitter, I prefer to write more on here than either facebook or twitter as they seem, how can i say this...more interactive!

  4. I agree with mr-stu I don't like the idea of having to say what you're doing all the time, when I have my blog and people can just read that. I like talking to my friends on the phone or face to face, or writing letters, it's much more personal.

  5. I'm an infrequent tweeter. Mostly its reserved for those moments when I can't say what I would really like to say.
    Plus I can 'stalk' others :)

  6. I joined, and i Twitted/Twatted/Tweeted for less than a day, and then thought it was useless.
    I prefer the blogosphere.

  7. We seem to have a convergence of opinion here. Perhaps twitter has it's place for general updates but I like FB for quick (private) catch-ups with friends and sharing photo's etc and my blog for sharing my thoughts, opinions. I'll see how I go over the next week or so and make a decision then.

    Thanks all for comments and welcome mr stu.

  8. I remember seeing twitter on JS at least four years ago. Jodi (Wagner, "tiny thoughts") took to it right away, but I couldn't be bothered.

  9. Crikey I didn't know it was even around then Kate - I am slow. I have only started hearing about and seeing it around in the last 6-8 months. I am thinking now though that I can't be bothered either pretty much.

  10. I remember that with Kate too.

    Might be a good one if you're travelling etc. But phones with internet access these days negates that too.

  11. Yes it was quite cool making a 30 second post from internet cafe at airport this morning - helped to publicly air my frustration perhaps?


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