Monday, March 9, 2009

Flying, shopping, flying

Hope everyone’s weekend was great.

I am back in NZ after a flying visit to Victoria to catch up with my girlfriend who’s still freaked about the fire getting so close to her place. She still refuses to unpack her car despite the reasonable amount of rain they’ve had there and the subsequent reduction in the fire risk.

To help her relax, we decided that a spot of shopping was the order of the day so we headed down to Melbourne for some serious retail therapy.

We started with pedicures as it’s just not fair to iBlahniksnflict ugly feet on shoe salespersons and then after a coffee break we headed to Myer for a look and a dream over the Blahniks.

I needed a new pair of black courts with winter on the way and there was one pair I particularly loved (see picture) but at AUS$895 there was no way in hell.  Man they looked gorgeous on my feet though.

Not one to be daunted so easily, I went looking for something similar but at about the necessary 15-20% of the cost…and I found tMy fabulous new shoeshem.

Please excuse my less that professional shoe photography.

These were much more in my price range and I absolutely love them.  The Italian leather is so supple and soft, its a minor miracle and they’re a perfect height heel for me to wear to work – 3 inches which means I can wear them all day without too much foot angst.

My next purchase was a beautiful leather overnight bag as my current one is looking rather scruffy and needed replacing. This photo makes it look quite navy but it’s actually a midnight blue – so dark it almost looks black except when the light hits it. It’s the perfect size for overnight necessities and I feel like Audrey Hepburn when I carry it :-)My Hepburn bag

That was my shopping budget totally blown but then I saw a handbag that I just couldn’t resist.

The whole ‘alligator skin’ leather is starting to sound somewhat like a fetish (and if I am honest it probably is lately) but I have been looking for a red bag to match someBeautiful bags gorgeous red boots I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway here it is!

Photographed along side my overnight bag so you get a feel for the size of them both.

Ahhh life is good!

After dinner and 2 bottles of wine in Lygon Street and a great days shopping, I really felt that BFF was finally relaxing and feeling more in control of her life again.

She’s now rethinking where she’s chosen to live and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a move out of the bush on the horizon for her. I know I’d feel much happier if she wasn’t living there by next summer though I’ll miss the place.

It’s good to be home – am much poorer after shopping, eating and drinking and flights but I’m glad I went for her sake. Back to work tomorrow to pay for it all.


  1. Lou-

    Just lovely. What can I say? Your new shoes are beautiful. I'd be proud to be seen walking down the street with you wearing them.

    I like the new pink handbag too, very feminine indeed. :)
    You'll prolly think I'm yanking your chain, but that's another of my wife's quirks. She doesn't own a purse. Never has. She just carries around a little pocket change wallet.

    The new overnight bag, well, that's good, yeah, that's real nice. Good job there! lol

  2. 900 bucks?. Jesus, who died to get them made?.

  3. I'm glad you had a great weekend. I adore the overnight bag, I love massive bags. I'm a 2-3inch heal girl. I can't walk in anything too high. Luckily I'm not too short that I need to add height with heals.

  4. Nice shoes.
    And a gay man does love the shoes!
    Sounds like a wonderful relaxing trip, and I imagine your friend was thrilled to have company after all the fires and such in her neck of the woods.
    But a pedicure? I don't know if I could do that. I start giggling and jerking my feet, they'd never get the job done.

  5. Thanks Tim but I am confused - where does she keep her lippy and hairbrush and perfume and phone and tissues and miscellaneous other feminine necessities?

    I know Moko - it's a crime ay? I would NEVER spend that much on shoes. Well perhaps I would if I was super rich...they were exceptionally beautiful. Manolo Blahnik makes fabulous shoes.

    Helen lucky you being tall. My evening shoes tend to be 4" heels but my all day shoes I have to be a little bit more sensible with or else I'd end up crippled by mid day.

    Bob you don't know what you're missing - pedicures are one of my favourite things in the world. There's nothing like having shiny 'new' feet with no scratchy bits and beautifully groomed and polished nails. I love manicures too.

  6. Sigh. Please tell me your secret. I have been ordered out of the house to buy myself some stuff, but I think I have forgotten how! I love your stuff by the way, very classy.
    As for me? I have an unpcoming solo effort, and I think a heroic failure is going to be the result.

  7. Oh no DD that sounds awful. You need to find yourself a shopaholic friend - one who knows how to shop for body type etc and where to get the bargains. Shopping is most definately not a solo sport unless you stick to those shops with attentive sales people who can run and exchange sizes/colours eytc while you wait in the changing room.

    I wish I was there to come and help :-(


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