Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quirky stuff

Everyday I am amazed about what can be found in the market place to satisfy the whim of even the most fanciful amongst us.

Today I came across a site called and it’s full of consumables to satisfy even the quirkiest taste.

Check out these few examples that amused me.


I love this – different but cool! 


When you’re trying hard to impress your trailer park neighbours


Wee bit hard to see but it’s a tape dispenser – cute! 


When total camouflage is critical even when you’re wiping your arse 


When a naked picture on your coffee mug is probably the closest you’ll get 


When you just can’t last without your tunes even when you’re scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef


Kinda cool staple ‘puller-out-thingy’


Nike prosthetic leg anyone??


Sometimes I’m very glad I’m not wealthy.

There is far too much rubbish to be bought in this world.


  1. Camouflage lou paper, very amusing.
    In answer to your comment about oranges, I'm really weird about the peel. I hate the white skin that's left on the orange and spend ages trying to get it all off. I know weird. So I'm trying to not let it bother me and training myself to eat the white stuff.

  2. no no no i won't look- I do not need another site tempting me to buy strange crap.... ok i had a look, but i'm not going to buy anything.... um well..

  3. lol uamada - there's some pretty cool stuff so be careful if you're trying not to spend.

  4. Hi Lou, just letting you know I've passed on an award to you.
    Here's the link

  5. I'm off to check out that websbite because that t-shirt is exactly my sentim.......

  6. Re your comment:

    Oh he absolutley knows I know. He's the one who told me about it.

  7. That Tshirt is perfect for Bill!

  8. The TP will be an important addition to my survivalist xmas shopping list. Thanks for the tip...

  9. Scary thing is I love a lot of this gear, simply because it is outside the square.

  10. Amusing, some of them stuff!!!

    "Sometimes I’m very glad I’m not wealthy.

    There is far too much rubbish to be bought in this world."

    True!!! I readily agree!!!


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