Sunday, March 22, 2009

Book review

Since getting my new reading glasses a few weeks ago, my voracious appetite for reading has been re-ignited. I am steadily working my way through the pile beside my bed after applying a ranking system to enhance expectancy and maximise diversity and enjoyment.Red River

This afternoon I have finished reading Red River by Lalita Tademy. I have been really looking forward to this after reading Cane River by the same author, a few years ago. Red River is the second narrative of Lalita’s father’s family, the Tademy’s.

I was not disappointed.

The book starts with the story of the Colfax massacre. In the 1870’s, after Louisiana had granted voting rights to former slaves, the black men of Colfax risk their lives to vote. They elect a new sheriff but when the incumbent refuses to step down, a group of black militiamen blockade the courthouse. Expecting the federal government to uphold the election results, the militants wait for reinforcements, but weeks pass and no relief eventuates. The siege is finally broken when the white attackers set fire to the courthouse. A massacre results in which many unarmed blacks are killed. This event shapes lives right through until the end of the book in the 1930’s.

This is an incredible book. Powerful.

What are you reading right now? 


  1. I keep trying to get back into reading. I never seem to make time for it though. I used to love reading in bed, but I get tired really quickly and can't continue.

  2. I can't remember the name of it. Someone left it in a waiting room and I picked it up. It's a spy-type novel, with a widow as a heroine.
    Have a good week, Lou!

  3. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follette. It is a definite departure from his other novels which tend to be thrillers. I'm about half through and it's difficult to put down. Good read thus far.

    BTW-I'm going for new glasses tomorrow morning.

  4. i read pillars of the earth while traveling in turkey last summer. it's one of the best books i've read lately.

  5. Hi all

    Mind AND body Helen :-) Kate, a case of art imitating life eh? I might have to try a Ken Follett. Yaayy new glasses, how long 'til you can collect them? Mmmmm turkey, am hungry.

    Happy reading, Lou

  6. Rabbit, Run by John Updike. It's the second Updike I have tackled this year after reading a brilliant obituary on his contribution to American literature. I was expecting it to be more like Yates' Revolutinary Road. Or maybe more McEwan-esque. Truth is its very hard work but I am over halfway and so committed.
    On the shelf I have The Line of Beauty (which won the booker a few years ago) and Brideshead Revisited. Plus Moon Tiger is due for a re-read by one of my favourite authors Penelope Lively.

  7. Crikey sas actual literature? Well done.


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