Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Here’s a few pics of some fabulous fashion for anyone who’s interested. None of these are, or ever will be, owned by me. I do not buy designer shoes, bags or clothes but that doesn’t stop me appreciating their beauty.
















Intelliwench suggested in a comment earlier today, that I may have replaced my smoking habit with another habit and I suspect she may be right.

After some thought I am now officially putting the shopping and fashion lust focus to rest, if for no other reason that I am dirt poor and frankly my recent rampant materialism is becoming distasteful even to me.

It would be great if others out there in cyber land could help me make it through the bleak NZ winter by sharing their own shopping stories while I curb my spending over the next few months.


  1. Lou-
    You have my full support. But you never know when the winds of change will blow. So, you may yet have opportunity to pick up a...pretty-precious or two. :)

    Never say never...

  2. Do you have any charity shops you can browse? I've been searching through charity shops and founds loads of great clothes, bags & shoes (not sure about second hand shoes though) Nothing that would fit me yet, but come the Summer hopefully, fingers crossed.

  3. I don't think you can shop vicariously through me, Lou, for I am that odd gay creature of nature that does not like to shop!

    It's madness!

  4. Oooh, so pretty. I especially love the red shoes! But I, too, am not one of those people who buy designer things (lucky for the Pretend Husband because we'd be even more poor than we already are!) but I love to look at them. In fact, right now I'm headed out to the stores to look but not buy (yeah, it's not the same at all...)

  5. As much as I love shoes, I can't bring myself to pay $300 for a pair.

  6. Tim - I live in constant hope!!

    Helen - That's not something I've ever done actually but I think I'll give it a try. We have a new 'Paperbag Princess' in town and I hear they have some nice stuff - not true charity shop prices but should be cheap I imagine. I'll check it out.

    Bob - you're an embarrassment to gay men everywhere :-) Is Carlos the shopper?

    Thanks Doanli - they make me drool...I'm sure in a past life I must have been rich - how else could I have gotten this 'champagne' taste?

    I second that Kat and Sam (and welcome too). Jimmy Choo is a genius but I can't imagine ever spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on 1 pair of shoes.


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