Saturday, February 28, 2009

Motherhood Update

Home from work in time to cook dinner the last 3 nights?

Back to overseeing homework?Tickbox YES

House spic and span?

Fridge and pantry well stocked with nutritious food?

Washing folded and back in drawers?

Resumed nagging about chores, showering, shoe cleaning, tooth brushing, hair shampooing and room tidying?

Back in the running for mother of the year?


What a relief!

I was really starting to worry that I was turning in to one of those mothers whose own needs superseded those of their child. I realise now that I’m unlikely to leave any significant mark on this world so I consider that my main reason for being here is to raise a good and useful citizen who may be in a better position (i.e. smarter and more able) to leave his positive mark on the world.

I know that in only a few short years, the boy/man will be doing his own thing and may or may not be regularly in my life and I accept that but…

I would hate myself if any ambivalence on his part related to his perception of ambivalence on mine.


  1. Your significant mark that you'll leave here is, not only your son, but your remarkable spirit that you share with all of us everyday as you blog about all things in life.
    The more we get to know one another, the more we realize we are all very much alike.
    That's your mark!

  2. Lou, you seem like a very intelligent and caring woman who has her priorities set in all the right places. So, I congratulate you on refocusing your energies on your son and home. Nothing is more important, as you well know.

    Your son is most fortunate to have such a loving a perceptive mother; one who is not only thinking of today's needs, but of all the tomorrows to come as well.

    I agree with, Bob, we are all made better here by your warm and gracious spirit you share with us.

  3. Your son is a very fortunate young man. I agree with Timbook2 and Bob.

  4. Thanks all for your support.

    It's interesting that I got 3 man comments...I wonder if that means anything?


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