Saturday, February 21, 2009


All my posts have disappeared? Any ideas anyone?


  1. OMG!!! So, it's happening to quite a few people. Umm, I just lost my posts for some time. I noticed two other blogs suffering the same condition.

    I signed out and signed back in after a couple of hours. And, it was fine. So, I recommend you to do so.

    All the best!!!

  2. I lost all my comments the other day. They came back after awhile.

  3. I thought I had lost all mine as well earlier this week and then I did a test entry and when it posted they all showed up again. Dunno why this did not work for you but I am sure they are probably out on the town, playing truant, and they will come home soon.

  4. My blog did the same thing, although in the archive list you could find the old posts.
    But when I did a new post, they all came back!

    Hope this happens for you, Lou!


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