Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hot stuff

Further to jennicki’s post at ‘Boys Don’t Like Funny Girls’, I thought I’d throw my own Hollywood dream list into the mix for your edification and entertainment.

Unlike jennicki, who appears to have a thing going for older men, my ‘top 5’ are pretty much around my own age except the lovely Matt who’s not quite 40 yet.


Browse and enjoy if you are so inclined

Johnny Depp   George Clooney Russell Crowe

Viggo Mortensen

Matt Damon


Now how about sharing your favourites?


  1. Um, this is sort of a chick thing. So, guess I'll have to post my list of fav hot actresses. ;-P

  2. Luuurrvvvee Johnny Depp.

    BTW I've been watching Masterchef and it's the final tonight. The guy who won is from NZ and I wanted him to win. Yippee!

  3. Thanks ladies (and Tim).
    Yummmmy ay? I aim to please 8-)


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