Friday, February 27, 2009


I am a big fan of the late Don Clifton and Marcus Buckingham and their ideas about nurturing and growing your strengths.

I am right into understanding what makes me tick and embracing it. I firmly believe that the areas in our professional (and personal) life where we are strongest and most talented, provide our biggest opportunity for improvement.

Why waste time going from bad to mediocre at something like closing a sale or facilitating training, when you coJennifer Foxuld concentrate on going from really good to being great at say, delivering professional presentations or process redesign?


I found this book today that I’m really looking forward to reading. I hope it’s good and might help me and Rory to better understand his innate strengths. Who knows? I do know the book is being raved about. It'll be an interesting read anyway if nothing else.

There are always going to be certain things that we aren’t naturally good at but that we need to learn to be OK at for our job and thaMarcus Buckinghamt’s never going to change unfortunately but we can still put our main focus into maximising our natural talents.

Check out this stuff for yourself – it’s certainly changed my work life for the better.

I’m now confident to offer my strengths to my team and every single day now I get to spend at least some of my working day doing the stuff that really energises me.

My work day hasn’t been the same since I got my head around this. I’m totally sold. If you only read one book this year make it this one.

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  1. Great post Lou, and very important, recognising your child's strengths and supporting them in everything they do is always going to aim them in the right direction.


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