Sunday, February 22, 2009

Head Injured

What a weekend it's been.

Most of you wouldn't have seen my post of yesterday following my fall so I will recap. My friend L and I were leaving a small local maternity hospital where we'd been visiting another friend and her new baby, and it was pouring rain so we were running to the car. Naturally I was wearing totally the wrong footwear (high heel strappy sandals - having not been expecting rain) and I fell. I lost quite a bit of skin off both elbows and lower arms and whacked the bejesus out of the back of my head on the asphalt.

I got home and dried off and then cleaned and patched myself up and I must admit to a certain degree of feeling sorry for myself having no-one to make me soup and toast soldiers and tuck me into bed for a nap to help deal to the very nasty headache.

Had a lovely couple of hours kip and felt slightly better so thought I'd read a few posts from you guys to catch up. Long story slightly shorter, somehow I managed to delete every single one of the 49 posts I have written since starting my blog on 11 January. I blame the head injury plus a fair smattering of idiocy. The help forum gave me a couple of suggestions to try and get them back (such as Google cache) but all to no avail. Is there a way to safeguard around this?

On a smaller scale (and of far less anthropological importance) I now get what those of you from JS must have felt seeing your record disappear last year.

...anyway onwards and upwards. Am sincerely hoping today's a better day.


  1. I don't know how to retrieve your old posts, but for future posts you can down load Windows Live Writer. Follow the instructons and your can write your post (even if you're not connected to the internet). If you save it, it automatically saves your post to a folder on your computer, so if it happens again you can republish it to your blog. Here's a link to Windows Live Writer.

    Have a go, see if you like it.

  2. Basically the same idea as Helen here Lou, I have been writing my blogs in word and saving them then I would simply copy and paste into the posting page. Since day one. As a result, all the blogs I had on Journal Space are still alive and well on my hard drive, and given my obession for back up, a disk, a memory stick and hard copy. Yea, I know, how do we say anal? lol.

  3. So sorry, Lou. I know how you feel. I believe Blogger does have a backup option, but I haven't looked it over, so I don't know anything specific about it. The windows live thing sounds pretty good and, of course, you can always write your posts on your word processor, save, and then copy and paste.

    I think I may look into the memory stick thing myself. That sounds a bit more private to me. Though, I'm not all that concerned with losing my blog, it's not that good and I don't get many comments, so I really don't see it as a personal treasure.

  4. Keeping a back up copy of any of your works is quite essential now. You cannot rely on technology to do so despite the numerous promises they make.

    Umm, now, if your posts do not re-appear, if you have a back up, you can repost them all over again. Yea, I understand that the feel won't be the same. Still, that's one way.

    And, the other way is to file a complaint at Google services. Their troubleshoot staff might be able to help you. I found quite a few posts regarding the same in the FAQ section. But, most of them said that if you signed out and signed back in after a couple of hours, your posts shall reappear. Or, if you post a new post, your old posts will reappear. Hope it happens to you too.

    Blogger gives you an option to back up your template. So, you can do that on a periodic basis. But, I am not entirely sure of the posts being saved as well. Umm, I reckon it should save the posts too.

    Hope everything turns back to normal soon!!!

  5. Thanks all for the advice.

    I have now downloaded Windows Live (thanks Helen and DD) and am working my way through figuring it all out. So far looks very cool actually - new post (published via Windows Live) should appear shortly all going according to plan.

    Tim you're a hoot. The stick thing sounds attractive to me and yes I agree, privacy is important too 8-)

    Bros I wish I could blame Google - unfortunately my problem is totally self inflicted. I had a serious d'oh moment yesterday (part concussion I maintain!).

  6. My posts disappeared around ten pm, if I remember correctly. At least they're back!

  7. Sorry to read of your mishap, but glad you have the wits to write about it!

    I guess that if I were to write something that I didn't want to lose, I wouldn't trust it to any software provider or the 'net, but would back it up multiple places. Hazard of the digital age. I think it's very telling that paper manuscripts and books have survived for hundreds and hundreds of years, while the tiniest electronic blip could eradicate the next "War and Peace" if it's not properly backed-up!

  8. Too true intelliwench (not that I am writing War and Peace).

  9. Hope you're mending well.

    I agree with Intelliwench (which is a rare, not really), and given that I am writing the next Lady Chatterly's Lover, I am paranoid about backing up...especially after the JS experience.


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