Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old habits

…are not always hard to break.

I used to be one of those people who could be relied upon to get things done. I don’t mean at work as it’s pretty much a given that you have to get shit done at work or else you get fired. No, what I mean is the other stuff.

AnimatedRefBeing on the school gala committee, keeping the house clean and the gardens tidy, attending night classes, coaching the kid’s football team as well  as volunteering a half shift a week at the animal shelter.  All this alongside being a working single mother.

It’s all changed though. And not for the better.

Somehow 2009 has already morphed into the year where I  work too many hours each week, where I write a blog and read other’s blogs (and add comments ad nauseum) and where the house is in a perpetual state of disarray. I’m distracted.

Rory is nonplussed by it all but is encouragingly picking up some of my slack.  He’s taken to reminding me, as a secretary might, about upcoming events and requirements on my time and/or my pick-up/drop off schedule for that day if required. I came into the kitchen this morning to find him adding dates and details into my PDA. I asked him was I getting that bad? Had I dropped the ball in the motherhood stakes? He assured me I hadn’t actually missed anything but the unspoken “yet” hung in the air.

I made an extra effort tonight and I was home before 6pm with grocery shopping and proceeded to cook a proper dinner and run the vacuum around and do a load of washing.

Must be better mother!!! Will update progress tomorrow.


  1. Lou, don't beat yourself up, for God's sake. You are entitled to a life too! I found when my boys started getting older they liked 'being there' for me. Because I had always been there for them. I think Rory might be doing the same thing. I bet he doesn't give one dam about what state the house is in, he is too busy thinking what a wonderful/cool/best mum he happens to have.

  2. Like Domestic Daze wrote, you have a life too. Yea, I do the same with my mum as well. She was there for me when I took my first steps. I shall make sure I am there during her difficult steps. Judging from the things you are juggling with, I can say you are already a very good mother.

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  4. I love my PDA, I'm sure your a great Mom!

  5. Lou,
    Your son sounds like a good kid.
    I'm sure he'll take up his share of the chores, and you'll do yours and blog and comment, etc.
    Kids are good, that way, in adjusting to changes.

  6. Lovely to find another kiwi out here in the blog world :)

  7. You're a great Mum, just the fact you're worring about it shows that. My Dad raised me and my brother on his own and I know there were times when he thought the same thing. Now I'm older and understand all that I tell him a lot what a great father he was. I'm sure Rory knows how great you are.


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