Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wound so tight












What do you bet they don’t use any of these photos in the marketing material to get people into competitive diving?







Dude! You’ll burst a gasket.



Olympic Diving MensCheck out those thighs.


On a more serious note…

I am deeply relieved that the sky did not fall in during President Obama’s speech to America's children.

Just finished reading the speech and I think it was well thought out and quite inspirational. I would love to know how many kids were kept home from school by their parents rather than risk having their brains addled by what might have been dastardly partisan politics.


  1. Some days I think my head will explode. Would they stop an astronaut from speaking on working hard and reaching for the stars? How about a pro sports figure who speaks of physical fitness....oh wait that was Arnold Schwarzenegger who did that while governor of California.

  2. Loved that last one - I love nice thighs on a man but those are just out of place (IMHO)

    I would love to know also how many kids were kept home -- right now the right just thinks every thing he does is evil and there is no changing minds - we just have to peep over the fence and sigh.

  3. Honestly, athletes might have awesome fit bodies making me so jealous... but seen in action like this, I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
    Okay I'm probably laughing.

  4. I'm in pain...just looking.....(ouch.)

  5. Lou, here in Las Vegas a very liberal city, the schools are so afraid to upset parents that alot of the rooms failed to show his speech.
    It really caused an uproar with those who felt that President Obama should be given the same respect as past Presidents.
    Personally it shows you that as far as we have come racially it's still not enough.

  6. Sad isn't it Sam. We're the same here in NZ.


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