Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kreativ Blogger

The esteemed JadedJ is an unapologetic flaming socialist-liberal who hails from the Cornhusker state. He’s an unashamed Anglophile who is mighty clever and even more sarcastic. Here’s a link to his blog Banquet of Consequences for those who aren’t already under the spell of his wit and charm. 

In a momentary lapse of judgement, JJ has deemed me worthy of this highly celebrated Kreativ Blogger award. All I have to do in return is share with my readers 7 things that I love, not including people, and nominate 4 brand new worthy recipients (so as to keep the torture going ad nauseum). Kreative_Blogger_Award

So deep breath and here goes:

1) I love Italian renaissance art especially Botticelli and Raphael.

2) I love travelling and seeing new places both inside NZ and outside. Can’t wait to get around the world some more once my son is independent.

3) I love sleeping in on a Sunday morning.

4) I love learning about new things and I challenge myself to undertake a course at least once every year. Sometimes it’s academic, other times not. This year I did both; a calligraphy course as well as suffering my way through an arduous statistics paper.

5) I love thunder storms.

6) I love public speaking and feel at my most confident at the front of a room with an audience. I’m a Leo, what can I Blahniksay?

and finally…

7) I love shoes. When my weight gets me down I can always count on my shoes still fitting beautifully and looking hot. Nothing improves a woman’s calf like the 4 inch heel on a sexy red Manolo Blahnik.


OK and now to the important part. With whom shall I share the honour of the Kreativ Blogger award?

Lori from Family Trees May Contain Nuts is a dedicated blogger. She works hard to make her blog an interactive and interesting place to visit and we all know that’s not an easy thing to achieve.

Al from Al In The Country is a big city boy transplanted to rural Maine in the name of love. Al is working hard to fit in to small town life and the stories and the pics are a joy to partake of.

Sophisticated New Yorker Kathryn has a blog called From the Inside…Out. Kathryn has the most fabulous sense of humour. In her words “Cocktails are optional, but highly recommended. Not that you need one to find me utterly charming...but it couldn't hurt.”

and lastly…

Dade from Spain has an absolutely beautiful blog called It’s My Life.  There’s a wonderful slideshow of Dade’s family to share and be sure to click on the link to Krysalis Photography to see some of Dade’s truly incredible pictures.

I’ll leave a comment on each of your sites to let you know the big news so collect a copy of the award for your sidebar and go for it.  Have fun.


  1. Well, let's see if we have anything in common, shall we?

    1. I love Italian anything. Art too, but I don't know the names.

    2. Traveling is fine, as long as there is wine, good food and good company wherever I go.

    3. Sundays? I dislike them. They only remind me that Monday is coming.

    4. Learning is cool. I prefer to read by lamp, rather than attend school.

    5. I absolutely love thunderstorms.

    6. Public speaking is ok by me. But, I never have to do it anymore.

    7. Agreed. Red pumps are hot. On women, of course. I prefer comfortable hiking boots.

    Great post, Lou. :)

  2. Thanks Bear, we have some things in common I see.

  3. Nice to see the award come to you. Your posts are to look forward to. I enjoy the photos of the landscape and the architecture, best of all to you.

  4. Thanks Punch, you're a sweetheart.

  5. Thank you! And many thanks for the leads to other blogs. Always love finding new stuff.

  6. Thunderstorms...yes! Art yes...hell, I am a painter, and that totally slipped by me. You, as usual, gave this a great deal more thought than my shallow self. I knew you deserved this thing more than I :-)

  7. Hey Lou, thanks. It truly is appreciated.
    Now the people I target, I mean award might not feel the same but who cares. After all it is tag you're it!

  8. Thank you, Lou! I truly appreciate the acknowledgment. You actually enjoy public speaking? I heard somewhere that the majority of ppl, if they had to choose, are more frightened of public speaking than death! Evidently, this means at a funeral, they'd rather be IN the coffin than delivering the eulogy.~Jerry Seinfeld

  9. Thanks for the wonderful comments Lou, very kind indeed.

    Now to get my thinking cap on, this may take a moment...

  10. ...ok!

    1) Photography is my new passion and I love capturing a moment and making it mine.

    2) Thailand!!! Simply love, love, love the place. Everything about it, the people the culture and food!

    3) I love change, things being new, interesting and exciting; routines bore me.

    4) I love music. I think the world would be a boring place without it - TV I could live without, but not music!

    5) I love performing, whether its acting, magic or just being in front of people (I like public speaking)

    6) I love being creative and rising to challenges, I dislike failing anything


    7) I love technology. I think it has made the world a more efficient place and opened up a lot of opportunities.
    Most of all I LOVE APPLE - long live Apple (I'm NOT a PC!


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