Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Singer-and-actress Jessica Simpson has posted a heartfelt plea for information on her dog Daisy's whereabouts on social networking website Twitter after the pooch was swiped by a dingo coyote last weekend.

Jessica wrote "My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious baby right in front of my eyes…”

I’m not completely heartless, I do feel bad for Ms Simpson (and the cute wee pooch) but I just can’t avoid the sinister parallels between this and the events at Ayers Rock, 1980.

I wonder will a little doggie jacket turn up in the desert after a native American tracker is called in to help find clues?


  1. Ohh I don't think she wants the doggie back after the coyotes have finished. We lost lots of neighbourhood cats to the coyotes -- so we have seen the "remains"

  2. Here in south Florida, we have alligators. They live in the retention ponds used to drain the land of the houses, built in the swamp. (no kidding, only they call it wetlands, sounds more like a kidde park) Yankees buy them by the thousands, then the soccer mom takes the kids and the pooch for an afternoon walk and the cute puppy runs down to the pond to chase the coots and an alligator comes out of the water and eats it. Gone, Dead, eaten. Next!
    I only know her name, but she must be rather lacking in knowledge concerning furry things that carry off other furry things. Does she think the dingos have a twitter site?

  3. I know the loss of a child is a terrible thing but those infamous words about the dingo and the baby are used as a humorous statement around here. Lousy accents included.

  4. Good Lord! It's like my worst nightmare come true. This is why our pooches need to learn to use the commode in the evenings...

  5. Believe it or not, I do remember the dingo thing. Very tragic. I don't why I'm not quite as sympathetic to the doggie. Agree with Punch...coyotes on Twitter?

    Oh and btw---gave you an award. Go claim it :-)

  6. Yes I agree everyone - why she's posting a plea for help on twitter is beyond me. That dawg is gone gone gone :-(

    Punch I'm sure glad we don't have such dangerous stuff here. No land based 'people eaters' of any kind here, in fact even our only native mammal is a tiny fruit bat. No snakes. No majorly poisonous spiders or bugs - it's paradise for scaredycats like me. I could never live in Australia (or in Florida by the sounds).

    Lori and jadedj I well remember the Chamberlain saga as well - dunno about on your side of the world but most here believed (and probably still do to this day) that she was implicated somehow. Her eyes were just too close together.

    Thanks sas and I'll swing by later jadedj - don't wait up.


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