Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday flowers


I took Bonnie for a quick walk after work and there were a few clumps of freesias in the park.  They reminded me that it’s Friday and I’ve been trying to post a spring flower picture each week so I zipped home to grab my camera.

I’m a big fan of freesias and I must confess that immediately after taking this photo I picked the whole lot. They’re now in a vase beside my bed.  I know that was a selfish thing to do but the fantastic perfume that is filtering through the house right now is helping assuage the guilt.


  1. Oh, they're beautiful....I can almost smell them from here. Don't feel guilty....I'm sure there's plenty more where those came from and they're meant to be enjoyed.
    Ah, spring!

  2. I'm telling.
    As a young teen I used to abscond with some daffodils and tulips from home gardens on my way home at night. Stealthily I would zip up to the flower bed and Snap,Snap you would hear the stalks breaking.
    Now as a gardener I know it takes a year to get another flower from those bulbs and I feel guilty.

  3. Gawd I LOVE New Zealand flowers -- don't blame you a bit for nicking a few for home.

  4. Lol Lori - now I feel really bad. Though the whole house is so beautifully perfumed this morning so I think maybe I will survive the guilt :-)

  5. I used to cuss about the neighbor kids stealing my flowers . . . until one day I saw a groundhog snacking on them. I think I would rather have someone take them to enjoy than have them converted into rodent by-products. Oh well.

  6. LMAO intelliwench - yes I agree though I must point out I took this tiny bunch I commandeered were from a park where they were self sown and highly likely to have been mown over the next time the council came along to 'tidy up'. I've been back there this morning but restrained myself from nicking more :-)


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