Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Rest in Peace

Squadron Leader John Gordon Pattison, one of the few remaining New Zealanders who flew in the Battle of Britain, has died in Hastings in the Hawkes Bay at the age of 92. He is survived by his wife, four sons and their families.

Mr Pattison learned to fly on Tiger Moths in his home town of Hastings and had logged just 20 hours when World War 2 began. He volunteered immediately and after getting his wings in April 1940 and commission the following month he sailed for England in June 1940.

Desperately short of pilots as the Battle of Britain developed, Mr Pattison and others like him were rushed through training by the Royal Air Force and posted to active squadrons. Mr Pattison had just three hours on a Miles Master trainer and then the briefest conversion course on Spitfires, before joining 266 Squadron on August 27 at the height of the battle.

After a year flying attacks over France, Mr Pattison was posted as a chief flying instructor, then joined 66 Squadron flying Spitfire IXs equipped with bombs which were used in attacking V-weapon launch sites, in the pre-invasion offensive and as cover on the D-Day landings. In September 1944, Mr Pattison was named commanding officer of 485 Squadron and he led the New Zealanders until February 1945.

Mr Pattison returned to New Zealand in January 1946. He farmed for the rest of his working life in Waipawa before retiring to Havelock North. He died on Friday 11 September 2009.

New Zealand Herald 14 Sept 2009


II) Cottage envy

I imagine that out the front is the traditional front ridge (sea wall) leading down to the pebbly English beach. Cute as a button.


  1. Sadly the brave ones are leaving us day by day. Our last veteran of WW1 died recently.

    What a cute little place that is. I think it is a duplex because of the fence dividing the back yard or perhaps a row house unit.

  2. Yeah I think so too Lori. If I remember rightly in the UK they call it semi-detached if there's just 2 houses while it's terraced if there is more than 2. So quaint.

  3. Lou, love everything about this little cottage.

  4. So sweet...that little cottage. We've nothing like that around here...


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