Sunday, September 27, 2009

Culture and cappuccino





My sister and I are both fans of painter Rita Angus and we decided today to check out the latest exhibition of her work at the Auckland City Art Gallery. 

Rita Angus was a feminist and a pacifist and was one of this country's pioneer modern painters. She was prolific for over 40 years until she died in 1970. I particularly enjoy the oils she painted in her later years - here are four of my favourites.

Central_Otago_RitaAngusCentral Otago

Boats_in_the_Bay_RitaAngusBoats in the Bay

Fog__Hawkes_Bay_RitaAngus Fog, Hawkes Bay

View_from_Tinokori_Road_RitaAngus View from Tinakori Road

I had been hoping to buy a lithograph of ‘Boats’ to have mounted for my bedroom wall but the $90.00 price tag was unfortunately out of my range. Instead we treated ourselves at the patisserie a few doors down – fabulous creamy cappuccino and delicious lemon tart.

It was a good part of a great day out, I hope your Sunday is as much fun.

**EDIT** I will post about what we got up to this morning, before the gallery, at some stage over the next couple of days.


  1. Just beginning the day, watcing the Sinapore gran prix, little time in the yard, dinner with friends and a visit to a drum circle in the afternoon.

  2. These are fabulous. Would not fit into my decor anywhere but I would still love to have one. The colors are so bright and clear with such subtle differences.
    Cooking breakfast on a sunny morning. Strong black coffee. A great start to our day.

  3. I've never heard of her, but you've peaked my interest. I love her work.
    And, for me any way, there aren't many better ways to spend a Sunday than with art and pastries and cappucino!

  4. I love those paintings. She's got a very unique style that's very striking. I hope one day you'll find one that you love in your price range.

  5. What's a drum circle Punch?

    Lori that sounds great - have a wonderful day.

    Totally agree Bob - I am so completely lacking in any creativity myself that I think it gives me an even greater appreciation of the beautiful things in life.

    Thanks Stan I hope so too. Bit different than your colon picture of yesterday lol.

  6. Lou, I really like Rita Angus. Her early portraiture work reminds me of Tamara Lempicka's work, though it is a bit lees stylized and certainly warmer than Lempicka's portraits. Her landscapes have marvelous cubist elements to them, without being abstract, and I am a big fan of cubism.


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