Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Funny gifs


Check out his website http://funevil.blogspot.com/ for cool and funny and cute pics with embed codes to decorate your blog if you so desire.



II) Cottage envy

Conors_Cottage Another thatched cottage for rent this week. This time in Co Mayo in Ireland. See the website www.conorscottage.com for more pics though €420 a night, even in the high season, seems incredibly expensive.  Does look lovely though.


  1. Some of the most beautiful cottages I saw in Ireland were along the shoreline of Glencar in Sligo. The gardens were unbelievable....

  2. This one seems a little stark to me. Even with the red accents.
    I have a lot of memory errors but I will blame it on menopause.

  3. I've never been to Sligo Bard but I've heard from others too that it's very beautiful. One day maybe...

    Actually I now agree Lori - it appealed immediately but I now think it would look much better with a softer garden and some trees. I do like the red though.

  4. That cottage almost looked like something from Greece - maybe they were Irish/Greek combining both.

    Love the gif's

  5. Lou I hope you are okay. Just heard about the tsunami and earthquake around Samoa. They said it may send waves into New Zealand. Stay safe and off the beach.

  6. Yes all OK here - the tsunami was only half a metre by the time it got to us here though all beach areas were evacuated just in case. Thoughts go out to the thousands of badly affected Samoan families - last update over 100 dead in Samoan and another 25 at least in American Samoa. Very sad.

  7. I love the memory error warning.


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