Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday flowers

This week I decided I’d show you all our lovely Kowhai (pronounced co fy) tree as they’re in full spring bloom right now.

I was merrily snapping away a few shots yesterday afternoon and thinking about one of our most beautiful native birds, the Tui, which especially loves this time of year when the Kowhai nectar is flowing…   Kowhai_2 …when a big Tui lands on the other Kowhai behind me. They’re a reasonably shy bird so aren’t as common in the city as they used to be. This was the best shot I got. They’re sometimes known as the parson bird because of their white ‘collar’. Kowhai_5There are some excellent shots of Tui on Wikipedia (see here). It’s worth a proper look because they’re fabulous birds. There’s also a short video there so you can hear one – a very distinctive call. They are mimics so will often sound like whatever noise they hear regularly.


  1. I find it so interesting how different your plants and animals in the southern hemisphere.

  2. The Tui is neat but I ADORE the fantails - when ever we visited our property (in Russell) I would spend forever watching the little darlings.

  3. Lou, they are both very beautiful. How long do the Kowhai normally bloom for?

  4. Nice shots - the jacarandas are just coming out over here

  5. Kowhai bloom Kyle from now until around November and then the seed pods (long ones like peas almost though brown) are left after the flowers fall. By the way I didn't mention that Kowhai is Maori for yellow.

  6. Spring....
    Gaah we're about to hit autumn here and the first trees are about to change colours. At least there are a couple of beautiful weeks ahead until the darkness covers us all. Hibernation, seems like a great idea.

    Beautiful pics, thanks!


  7. Argh! I want spring back! We had 2 weeks of summer (it felt like it, anyway) and September feels like November. Cold, raw, rainy, windy...this does not bode well.
    I'm glad to see the flowers are blooming somewhere!


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