Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday flowers

The Auckland Domain is Auckland's oldest park, and at 75 hectares (185 acres) is one of the largest in the city. Located in the central suburb of Grafton, the park lies mostly within the crater of the Pukekawa volcano. Actually there’s not much in Auckland that doesn’t sit somewhere on some volcano or other...

Within the park, the Auckland War Memorial Museum (see photo below) sits prominently on the crater rim. Several cricket fields occupy the floor of the crater, while the rim opposite the Museum hosts the cricket pavilion and Auckland City Hospital.

Auckland_War_Memorial_Museum_rect Photo uplifted from

The Wintergarden, with duck ponds and two beautiful glass houses built in around 1870, lie on the north edge of the cone. The Wintergarden was established properly after World War I and is a protected heritage site.

It’s always a lovely (free) thing to do in Auckland on a rainy day.



  1. Free? Wow. Not a chance of going to our main conservatories free here.
    It must be so pretty in there.

  2. Beautiful museum and greenhouse. i imagine it's a great way to spend a day.

    PS If you want to see Glee--am I getting paid to promote the show?--you can go to and watch episodes or go to, search for Glee and watch them there.
    Great show.

  3. Lou, you are a wonderful ambassador for your corner of the planet. In fact, I'm going to change my search location on to NZ!

  4. I look forward to friday flowers.

  5. Yes Lori the fragrance is fantastic too. Places like the Museum (top photo) do ask for a donation though.

    I'll check it out Bob.

    I hadn't thought about it intellione but I guess I do spout about my town a fair bit. There's plenty of not so nice stuff I could share but because I'm a glass half full kind of gal, the nasty stuff doesn't light my fire. I think it's actually known as having my head buried in the sand :-)

    Thanks Punch - I'm glad you enjoy it. I love sharing it.

  6. Lovely, waiting for the day to come to your magnificent part of the world.

  7. Oh, I just love greenhouses! I love the smell of the soil when you first walk in...combined with the lovely fragrance of the flowers....
    What a lovely place to spend the afternoon!

  8. It's nice here sure Sam but there's a heck of a lot more variety in your part of the world - one day I'll get a decent look around some bits of the US.

    Me too Kathryn - that pungent earthy aroma mmmmm


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