Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spare a dollar mate?

The state of my finances has forced me to make contact with a number of charitable organisations to let them know I have stopped my automatic payments to them. I just can’t afford them anymore. I felt like a cop out though I am pleased to say that no-one gave me a hard time – they were all in fact very understanding.

There are another few charities which I can’t in good conscience stop supporting right now when the work they do is so crucial. They’re organisations that I know do great work, provide excellent value for money and I’ve supported them for many years. I do worry that even though each contribution is a modest amount it is still more than I can really afford each month right now though hopefully all things monetary will improve soon.

If anyone is in healthier shape financially and is in the market for a good cause, you might consider one of those below that I’ve had to stop supporting. All are reputable and their records show an excellent return for donations (i.e low administrative costs). The websites are linked to the logos so click away and find out more.

Forest and Bird WSPASPCAWWF




Save the WhalesHollows


 Doctors without Borders



  1. Cheers to you, Lou, for supporting so many worthwhile charities - now and in the past. Too few people do as much.

    I'm sure your heart is as big as ever even if, like many of us, we can't help as many as we'd like.

    You rock.

  2. It is always a balancing act isn't it. Good for you for your due diligence in checking these charities out thoroughly. I know of someone who went to another country to help out and to see how a particular one was being run only to flee for her life when she confronted them with how they were not distributing the monies donated but using them mostly for their own gain.

  3. You had some really worthwhile charities there, I used to sponsor quite a few but nowadays I've narrowed my selection. Sometimes I have a call from some (I know it's a telemarketing service doing the calls, still...) I always feel ashamed turning them down. It doesn't matter how urgent their cause is, I can't financially support them all. Sorry.

    Btw... Hi! I'm Daniel, nice to meet you!!

  4. Wow that list looks like the one my hubby used to support. We do the best we can and I was in awe of his charities even if he had to put them on his credit card - and then take from another credit card to pay back -- but that's a whole other issue.

    Knew you had a good heart!!!

  5. Aw. How impressive to see that this is only a partial list of all the charities you support! Times are hard...we've all had to limit our donations. And yes, times will improve. For all of us.
    That's my mantra and I'm sticking to it!

  6. It sure ain't easy right now and I still feel bad. It's 5.42 am right now and I'm awake due to replaying one of the calls in particular - they didn't try and guilt me, I did that to myself. But you're all right - something had to give and I must put the guilt away. One day I might be able to share a bit more oney around again.

    Hi Daniel. You are welcome here. C'mon back soon y' hear?

  7. I know what you mean. Right now I'm a major donor to the intellikid college fund, but do give what I can to the causes I feel strongly about.

    There are also plenty of worthy ways to spend our time, too. If, that is, we aren't already working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

  8. Only one job for me but it takes me 50+ hours a week plus Rory and I volunteer a half shift each a week at the local animal shelter on Saturday afternoons. I could probably do more but am just too lazy - I like sleeping way too much.


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