Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I) Curiosity

Photo by Graham Taylor. See more at redbubble.


II) Cottage envy


How cute is this?

I’m a bit confused about the chairs around the well though so I have explained it to myself by assuming there’s a piece of Perspex over the well and it now serves as an outdoor coffee table. It might even be a fish pond now with lovely golden koi carp swimming around merrily.


*EDIT* OK it’s a fire pit. I’m ignorant OK?


  1. It is probably a fire pit.
    My cat would have knocked those Matroishka dolls clear out of the house. They must spin like crazy.

  2. Yep that is most likely one kick ass fire pit. Too bad we didn't have those years ago when we set a bonfire on our neighbours driveway - concrete driveway -- we still laugh about that.

  3. Yup....I can almost smell the burning marshmallows from here....

  4. I see. Lol, apologies from the ignoramous kiwi. I have never seen one. Thought it looked like an exceptionally dangerous old 30m well in the middle of the lawn.


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