Sunday, September 6, 2009

‘Inappropriate’ humour

A kiwi energy drink company is currently running a promotion where you can win prizes when you send in pictures of their brand/product in the most outrageous or humourous situations. Demon Click on the logo to check out the website but please be warned that 1) there are bikini clad girls* and 2) a local rock band comes on loud if your volume is up. 


A few kiwi soldier boys on a tour of duty in Afghanistan have gotten themselves in hot water over a pic they submitted as part of the competition. 

It’s hard to read but around the Demon sticker it says “Dear Taleban, suck on this”.

Defence Force spokesman Commander Shaun Fogarty said the photographs were "completely inappropriate" and an investigation was under way to determine the soldiers' fate.


*I will admit to scrolling through the pics of the hot young things on the website and was very surprised to see one of the ‘Demon girls of the month’ is none other than the daughter of one of my good friends. I’m not sure that she’ll be aware of this development. Perhaps that’ll be a story for another day.


  1. I don’t think this is the first time such an incident has occurred, though it’s usually either with US forces or the Brits. Curious, isn’t it, how it’s okay to kill and maim people by dropping bombs on them, including ones with messages painted on, but tasteless to take photographs of them.

    Oh yes, and I think it’s admirable that they should say, on the babes page: PS – no full nude shots will be put up, but feel free to send them anyway.

    I won’t ask you which is the Demon Girl of the month concerned…

  2. I laughed at that too Simon and thanks for *ahem* not asking.

  3. What Simon said (about the army pic).

    I LOVE the Dec 07 shot of the month that could so be my son!!!

  4. Lol Joanne, I had to go have a look, the guy who loves his bike. Funny.


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