Thursday, September 24, 2009


My good friend lost his elderly mother a few days ago and the funeral was this morning. It was a small service but it was nice and then she was buried just out of town in a plot next to her husband who died almost 25 years ago.

The tiny cemetery is almost completely bordered on three sides by huge old peach, nectarine and plum trees and they are all in full flower right now – weighed down with pink and white blossom. It was a fabulous sight and we were all cheered by the astonishing beauty of mother nature.


The photo above I took a week ago and was saving for a ‘Friday flowers’ but it seems to fit today's post. I think it’s a Black Doris plum tree. RIP Mrs T.


  1. Our flowering plums and cherries are so heavy with blooms in our spring that they cover our cars when we are near them. Our coffee group would cover our mugs while sitting outside to keep the fluttering petals out of the coffee. You would use a shovel to remove the slippery pink and white "snow" off of the sidewalks. Nothing compares to standing under one and looking up into the middle of the vast universe of the these trees.

  2. Beautiful, I love spring... it feels like life is worth living again. Having a funeral accompanied by this awesome sight must be magnificent, despite the sorrow.

    Outside my kitchen window I have a cherry tree, at spring it's completely covered with pink flowers. For me that's the definite sign of the arrival of spring.

  3. Hi Lou, it is a nice affirmation to see life blossoming there, as things wind down here in NH. The cycle of life has its physical perils, but it also brings feasts to feed the soul.

  4. Ahh 25 years and Mrs T is reunited. I am sorry for your friend's loss but glad it was a beautiful service and thanks for sharing the pictures. Our fall so far is still green (too warm)


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