Monday, September 14, 2009

Another day, another dollar



It’s 6.25am on Monday morning and it’s almost time to start another working week.

I know I should feel lucky to still have a job and a pay check each week when so many don’t, but quite frankly all I feel is sick of doing the same thing day in day out.


Oh well, time to get up and in the shower, I’ve got a flight to catch. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.


Doesn’t take a degree in psychology to work out that me missing my flight this morning for only the second time ever, had something to do with my lack of motivation this morning. Later flights all booked and I’m not dedicated enough to try and get a stand by flight so I have ended up back at home and working from here for the day.

Lou 9.15am


  1. I have two jobs and I'm bored to death with both. Here's to enjoying what we have for at least a week!

  2. I'm still trying to get used to your posting a date that hasn't happened yet's Sunday night and we're into the usual routine. Mondays are HARD! (Sorry you missed your flight)

  3. I believe this is called passive aggressive? No? As for Kathryn's comment since I have been blogging I never know what day it is anymore.

  4. What's passive aggressive Lori? Me? Why?

  5. Don't answer that Lori - I figured it out all on my own :-) you're quite right.

  6. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your flight... hope it sorts out alright in the end for you.

  7. I am fortunate enough to work at a job i like. It has it's boring moments but i make that up in research. Research for a blog post, updates on motor racing, and learning a new word. Passive aggression is something i have to deal with every day. I'm a regulator and people don't like be regulated, me included, soo they just ignore my questions, until they realize they have to answer the questions before they can go on.
    The fun is in not carring if they answer or not. (wicked chuckle)
    Sorry you missed your flight, but it is more fun to do the unplanned some days.
    Kathryn's right about the days, daze.

  8. Now that sounds like an interesting job Punch. You're right I did end up having quite a good day actually. I have to fly tomorrow instead as the work hasn't gone away but I did get a good headstart today on some other stuff I have been putting off for a few days. I know what you mean about the timezone thing - it confuses the hell out of me though at least here in NZ we know that EVERYONE is behind us so that takes one factor out of the equation. It's lucky as I am truly crap at arithmetic :-)

  9. Well Lou I am still waiting for you and Lorri S to post the winning lottery ticket number for us here on the west coast of North America - I mean if you are a day ahead you should know them right??

    Glad your day ended up better than expected.

  10. Thanks Joanne - that sure would be cool if it worked that way :-)


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