Saturday, April 18, 2009

You are my sunshine

This has got to be one of the most gorgeous chairs I have ever seen. I absolutely love it. I crave it. It would look The Harry Chairso wonderful in my bedroom. I can just imagine myself sitting, reading in this chair under the window trying to maximise exposure to the watery winter sunshine that’s on its way.

I was absent mindedly googling using the key words “beautiful things” because I am feeling so deprived  lately and I happened across a woman of spectacular taste. She’s a Brisbanite (did I just make that up or is that what those of you from Brisbane call yourselves?) and an interior designer. Her name is Anna Spiro. She’s also a blogger and her site is called ‘Absolutely Beautiful Things’ and it certainly is full to the brim with gorgeous photos of fantastic things.  The chair in the picture is from Anna’s blog.

Interestingly Anna has apparently just been in Auckland for Easter and has posted some lovely photos of my town that those of you in the northern hemisphere may find worth browsing. She’s very kind to Auckland.

This is a site I’ll be visiting regularly to satisfy my need to see pretty things. One day hopefully I’ll be in a position to have a fabulous home myself *sigh* and I’ll fill it with beautiful things like this chair.


  1. Holy crap!! That chair is amazing! Um, does it recline? :)

  2. No Tim, just a plain Harry Chair, but beautiful.

  3. I LOVE the color!!!

    I had my living room painted yellow so I could be cheered when I come home on dark winter evenings. I love it. :D

  4. If there's only one, I may have to fight you for the chair Lou.
    It's what I call a good Readin' Chair.

  5. Me too Jenny, it's gorgeous eh? So cheerful.

    Bob, I'd win 'cause we're tough down under :-) It's the perfect reading chair I agree.

  6. How could one not be in a good mood, sitting in that sunshine-colored chair? It looks comfy, too. You have something to save up for now. Awesome! Hugs.

  7. Welcome Xanadu, thanks for visiting. I agree it's on my covet list now so I'd better get saving. One day maybe...

  8. Nice chair! Such a refreshing color. It would certainly brighten up a room.

  9. It's gorgeous!

    BTW, I couldn't save the simpsonized thing either. I used Vista's snipping tool to take a screenshot of it, but didn't do a very good job. If you use Vista, click on start then start typing 'snipping tool' into the search box. I'm going to have to practice!
    Have a good week, Lou. *hugs*

  10. I agree Amy - not perfect for every room but it would look super dooper in my bedroom.

    Thanks Kate I'll give it a go. You have a great week too.

  11. Thanks for posting my chair!!

    Kindest regards,

    Anna Spiro


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