Sunday, April 12, 2009


You may recall that last Sundays walk took me and Bonnie out through the Waiuku forest to Kariotahi beach which is a wild west coast beach facing out into the Tasman Sea.

Today after the family Easter festivities were coRory and Bonniencluded we headed home, collected the dog and headed to the east coast inner Waitamata harbour beaches which are 10 minutes from home. I am mindful that in the next few weeks our weather is going to start getting pretty abysmal so I’m all about maximising outdoor time right now.  I knew the tide would be out but Umapuia and Maraetai beaches are nice spots anyway. Plus it’s too cold to swim already anyway so the tide situation doesn’t matter.

I actually remembered I had my camera with me today so I’ve taken some shots to show you. The light wasn’t great as it was late afternoon already by the time we got to the beach so some of the last shots are taken at dusk.

Hope they’re of some interest.  Click to enlarge.

Umapuia beach

The wharf at Maraetai Wading Fishing for snapper Rangitoto Island through the dusk Then it was practically dark and getting cold so we packed ourselves and our sandy and wet dog back into the wagon and headed home.

It’s been a lovely day and I hope everyone else has a great day too. There’s been lots of food,  a bit of the wider family, some yummy chocolate and a lot of spending time with those precious to me. Getting to the beach was a bonus.


  1. Spending time together with your 'loved' family members is always great. The pics are great, I always love seeing other peoples pictures from around where they live, thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Gorgeous kiwi scenery Lou. Homesick now :(

  3. I gotts say, Lou, you live in a beautiful spot. Those pictures are fantastic!

  4. Yes, extraordinary!! Such beauty, it's incredible. Lou, you have quite an eye for photography. Well done!! :)

  5. Lou I always enjoy seeing pics of where you live. When I was in SE Asia, I had a couple of opportunities to get to NZ, but passed them up for Thailand. Now I'm kicking myself.

  6. Thanks all, the pics would look better if it was a beautiful summer day but this is really what an autumn afternoon looks like here. It's hard to see on the last photo but the sun beams coming through the evening clouds were really beautiful but didn't show up so well in the photo unfortunately.

    sas, you should try and get over to the west Netherlands and see the tulip fields at this time of year - breath taking!! They'll take your mind off NZ and plus winter here sucks so you're better off being away right now.

    Thanks Tim, I do think I am getting a bit better at taking photo's. I enjoy it so hopefully I'll continue to get better at it.

    Thailand is awesome though J, I've spent quite a lot of time there on a couple of occasions. Though of course it doesn't compare with home :-)


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