Friday, April 24, 2009


More from The Onion news desk. 

Here’s a brand new money spinning idea for the hard workers of the sub-continent coupled with an energy saving plan for over stressed Western workers…

…and this one below has has the added major bonus of a child behavioural modification technique.

We all sometimes need a little guidance about how to make our kids more ‘manageable’ around the house, especially at those times when we need some peace and quiet like after a hard day at work - watch this for an idea.


  1. I'm glad this wasn't an idea whose time had come when I was a boy, or I would have grown up stringing beads in Bahrain!

  2. Now why didn't they have something like this when Jamie was a little kid? That would have saved SO much money! What a brilliant idea. LOL! Good one. I liked the outsourcing one, too. Some people just have WAY too much time on their hands, don't they? HA! Hugs.

  3. That first one is so funny, you can really see it happening though. Do you have the address of the child care by any chance?

  4. In some homes this would be a good thing.


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