Wednesday, April 8, 2009


How far we go in life depends on our being

tender with the young, 

compassionate with the aged, 

sympathetic with the striving,

and tolerant of the weak and of the strong,

because someday in our life,

we will have been all these.

Author unknown



  1. So true, Lou. But, not always so easy to do. At least not when family is involved, and all of that spilt milk.

    Sometimes, it's so much easier to be kind to strangers.


  2. Sending out the love we have, sooner or later it comes back to us, ten fold.

    Off subject a bit, sorry Lou, Tim: I am trying to catch up here, but being on dial up means the videos are a bit hard to get. I still am following, although these days through others comments. lol.


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