Saturday, April 18, 2009



Rory and I have been out walking for the annual school overseas fundraiser.

I am exhausted.

We made the full 12 kilometres which was easy for Rory but a bit of a struggle for me as we walked at a much faster pace than my normal saunter.

Over the next few days we will collect all the sponsorship funds from friends, colleagues and family who’ve been unlucky enough to run into us over the last couple of weeks. Rory and I estimate we’ve raised between us about NZ$460 which we think is pretty damn good going. The fundraising this year is to help rebuild a storm damaged primary school in Samoa.005 We felt we deserved a nice brunch after our efforts so traipsed to our favourite cafe which is in the middle of our local garden centre (see below the view from our table of the seedling nursery). We scoffed down eggs Benedict with salmon on focaccia for me and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for Rory. All washed down with strong hot coffee for me and berry juice for Rory. Mmmmmmm it was good. 007 A good morning all in all.


  1. My high school teacher was right. NZ is paradise! Goodness, so gorgeous!! Good for you and Rory. Well done! :)

    PS: Sent you an email.

  2. I just know I'll barely be able to walk in the morning...

  3. At least it will be good recovering pain as you did something worthwhile, where I work we have two blokes who are doing a sponsored row across the Atlantic, this winter!

  4. Wow that puts my measly walk into perspective!!


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