Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bonnie dog

I was at a bit of a loose end today so I loaded Bonn014ie dog into the car and headed out to a forest close to home where it’s ideal for a quiet and contemplative walk for me and a good run off the lead for her. 

I took my camera thinking I’d get a few shots to show you when I came out of the forest on to the magnificent surf beach but as usual, after taking the shot below when getting out of the car, I promptly forget I had the camera with me and took no more pictures.

This is a ‘protection’ forest comprised mainly of non-native radiata pine which were planted I believe to stop the encroachment of the sand dunes onto nearby farmland.Wai_Forest_5Apr09We had a lovely walk, the highlight of which for Bonnie was when she spotted and gave chase to a couple of rabbits. She’ll sleep well tonight after racing around like a puppy for 3 hours.

…and so without further ado, it is Sunday late afternoon and the working week starts again.


  1. Incredibly beautiful country, Lou. I keep saying that, cuz it's true. :)

  2. That path looks like it doesn't end - lovely picture

  3. Great wpic you took there I just love exploring the woods and climbing trees when i am out with the kids, but we have very few woods around me, we are to much in the city.

  4. What a beautiful spot.

    When I was young, just a wee lad, my father almost took a teaching job in NZ, and whenever I see pictures, and now whenever i read your blog, I wonder what it might have been like to grow up there.
    It truly is gorgeous country.

  5. Thanks for checking in on me, Lou! I think I'm inspired to add a short walk to my "To Do" list today!

  6. The pic reminds me of British Columbia. Nice! We have too much melting snow right now, but it'll be nice in another few weeks.
    Have a nice evening Lou!

  7. We are lucky where I live to be so close to the big city but also so close to two coasts and to forest and farmland - the best of all worlds.

    NZ is beautiful I agree but no more than other places. The difference is I think that in the main it is unspoilt. The world as a whole has so much to offer and I haven't travelled for so long now. My dream is to spend some real time in north America and have a look around there - I so want to experience small town America as well as the spectacular stuff like the Grand Canyon, glaciers in Alaska, western Wyoming, Bryce Canyon, Sedona, Yosemite and Niagara on the way to look around a bit of Ontario and Toronto day maybe.

  8. Lou, I've tagged you for a nice meme. Visit my spot to participate. Cheers!!!


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